AUS beat SL by 366 runs
Man of the Match - Mitchell Starc
& 196-3
Warne-Muralitharan Trophy, 2019 |2nd Test |2/1/2019
Manuka Oval, Canberra
  • Tim Paine is handed the Warne-Muralitharan Trophy and he celebrates with the entire team. A sight many Australian fans would have been craving to see. Sri Lanka have plenty of work to do. They travel to South Africa for another test against quality pace bowling. The Kangaroos travel to India now for some white-ball cricket. We enjoyed having your company for this one. Hope you enjoyed ours. There's plenty of cricketing action coming up. See you for that. Cheers!
  • Australia captain, Tim Paine, says it's a good way to finish the summer as this group has been working hard and they are seeing the results now. States that it doesn't matter what the wicket's like when you have quality batsmen in the team. Applauds his pacers and spinners for bowling as a unit and getting the job done. Feels that they are getting the rewards for their hard work which is pleasing to see. Ends by thanking the Sri Lankan team for coming out to Australia and playing in these difficult conditions and also thanks the crowd, the management and the sponsors for sticking by them as the last 12 months have been quite difficult.
  • Sri Lanka captain, Dinesh Chandimal, says they were outplayed as a team in all departments. Credits Australia for playing the way they did throughout the series. Reckons that having several injuries to key players didn't help but that's part of the game and they have to look at others now to step up. Continues saying that they are a young team which is still learning on how to play in such conditions. Hopes to do well in South Africa now.
  • Man of the Series, Pat Cummins, says he's pretty happy with how the summer went personally. Adds that after the India loss, he had a couple of weeks off so that helped. Feels that the wicket at the 'Gabba under the lights with the pink ball was amazing. Continues saying that the Burns-Head partnership really set it all up. Ends by saying that there's plenty of time left for the Ashes, so there are plenty of guys who can take heart from this and look forward to that.
  • Man of the Match, Mitchell Starc, says he tried to forget everything and bowl as fast as he could. Adds that the wicket slowed down a bit but he managed. States that they had an idea about what to expect here and the momentum from the win in Brisbane really helped. Reckons that this was the kind of game they were searching for all summer and is happy they ended the season on a high.
  • Sri Lanka have had a match and a series to forget. Yes, admittedly, they have had important players ruled out due to injuries, but the ones who came in should have put in a better performance at the very least. The inexperience with the ball showed, but even the batting department couldn't make anything happen, in both innings. The fact that they had only one 50-run stand in the whole Test should say everything in itself. The presentation will be coming up in a short while.
  • It was the return of the king in this match. Mitchell Starc announced his presence after having a tough summer. He led the charge with a 5-wicket haul in each innings and steamrolled the Lankan batting order. He was well supported by the others. Everyone not only bowled well, but bowled with intent and purpose and never let the visitors come into this game at any point.
  • Perfect way to cap off the summer for Australia. They bag their first Test series win since the Ashes and will be mighty pleased with it. No better way to do it than a collective effort. The hosts were dominating in this match right from the start. They put a daunting total on the board in the first innings, 534 to be precise, on the back of centuries from Burns, Head and Patterson, and the 308-run stand between the first two. Then, they bowled the visitors out for 215. Didn't enforce the follow-on, gave their bowlers a rest, piled on more runs and set a target of 516 courtesy a Khawaja ton and Head fifty. After that, they once more bundled the Lankans up for under 150.
  • 50.6
    Starc to Fernando, OUT! A 10-wicket haul for Mitchell Starc. He's back! Incredible bowling display. Gets to the milestone in typical fashion. Comes from wide of the crease and fires the yorker on middle, too good for Fernando who can't do anything about it. Smiles and handshakes all around, the people in the stadium erupt in joy. The team needed it, the crowd needed it. A good feeling all around. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 366 RUNS AND CLEANSWEEP SRI LANKA 2-0!
  • 50.5
    M Starc to Fernando, Full and down leg, the batter looks to flick but misses.
  • 50.4
    M Starc to Fernando, Dear lord! Starc is baffled, Paine is shocked, everyone around has their jaw dropped. Nobody can believe how that's not take the off stump. It's actually flicked the bail on its way back and still nothing. Unbelievable. Length delivery around off, Fernando hangs his bat out and the ball goes agonizingly close past the off stick.
  • 50.3
    M Starc to Fernando, Outside off with a hint of shape away. Fernando plays and misses.
  • 50.2
    M Starc to Rajitha, Coming in at first, but then straightening off the seam. It goes off the edge of the bat and goes towards gully. Single taken.
  • 50.1
    M Starc to Rajitha, Fullish in length from around the wicket, shaping away late, Rajitha hangs his bat inside the line and gets beaten.
  • END OF OVER 50 | 0 Runs & 0 Wkt | SL 148/9
  • 49.6
    Pat Cummins to Fernando, Some how, in an awkward way Fernando defends the ball and see off the over.
  • 49.5
    Pat Cummins to Fernando, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 49.4
    Pat Cummins to V Fernando, Back of a length delivery, Fernando gets his bat to it and the ball goes to the first slip fielder.
  • 49.3
    Pat Cummins to Fernando, Full on off, Fernando does well to get his bat to it.
  • 49.2
    Pat Cummins to Fernando, On a length outside off, Fernando looks to play at it but misses.
  • Vishwa Fernando walks out at number 11.
  • 49.1
    Pat Cummins to Perera, OUT! Good length delivery around off, Perera goes after the push but gets an outside edge. Tim Paine behind the stump takes an easy catch. Australia just one wicket away from sealing this Test match and series.
  • END OF OVER 49 | 0 Runs & 1 Wkt | SL 148/8
  • 48.6
    M Starc to Rajitha, Finally the ball connects with the bat in this over. Full outside off, Kasun pushes it to the fielder at point.
  • 48.5
    M Starc to Rajitha, Good length delivery outside off, Kasun tries to play it with a straight bat but gets beaten.