ENG beat NZ by 5 wickets
Man of the Match - Joe Root
& 285-10
New Zealand in England, 3 Test Series, 2022 |1st Test |6/2/2022
Lord's, London
  • That's all we have from this absorbing Test match. Important points gained by England for the ICC World Test Championship. The second Test match starts on Friday, 10th June 2022 at 3.30 pm IST (10 am GMT) but as usual, our build-up will begin in advance. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!
  • Joe Root is the Player of the Match! The former England skipper talks about his hundred and says that it's fantastic and more importantly, they won the game after such a long time. Adds that it's been a tough road for everyone and he has enjoyed this game and looking forward to the rest of the summer. Hopes that they can use this as a way to step forward. Shares that they always get fantastic support at this ground and it's nice to see them get their money back as well. On playing under Ben Stokes, Root replies that the transition has been smooth and mentions that Ben Stokes won England a number of Test matches under his leadership, and it's a great chance for Root to give back to him. Tells that he loves batting and wants to score as many runs as he can and again make England the best Test team.
  • Ben Stokes, the victorious captain of England, calls it an amazing Test match to be a part of. Tells that regardless of being captain, the first Test of the English summer is always special due to all the buzz and the build-up. Further says that it was a special week and this win makes it even better. On his rapport with Brendon McCullum, Stokes replies that it's going pretty good with him and he has enjoyed the first week working with him. Adds that there is a change of mindset for everyone, this is a great start and he is happy that everybody operated well this week. Stokes mentions that no one had the upper hand at any stage as this game ebbed and flowed. Regarding Root's hundred and 10,000 runs, Stokes calls him Mr Dependable. On the debut of Matthew Potts, Stokes replies that he loved it and he has been tracking his progress in a Durham shirt. Talks about the impact Potts created every time he got the ball and praises him for his amazing attitude. Praises the knocks of Alex Lees and Jonny Bairstow, and is happy with the attitude shown by them. Smiles and adds that seeing Broad and Anderson still running in and delivering for England inspires them.
  • Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand, starts by saying that the game ebbed and flowed the whole time. Tells that it was tough against the new ball but then it changed. Mentions that they came this morning with high hopes and thought there might be some assistance from the overhead conditions but it wasn't to be. Feels that it's about moving on quickly and taking the learnings. Regarding him trying his best to get the ball changed, Williamson replies that it was pretty difficult and he thought if they get it changed, they might get something going. Calls it a fantastic game and it took an incredible knock from Joe Root to take England home. On Root completing 10,000 Test runs, Kane terms it an unbelievable achievement. States that everybody wants to be contributing more and there was a lot of assistance with the harder ball, so the top order will have to work hard. He is looking forward to the next challenge.
  • Presentation time...
  • As mentioned earlier, this Test match wasn't a straightforward one. Momentum was no one's friend, and it kept changing sides quicker than the tennis ball does at Roland Garros. England bounced back. Stuart Broad was at the centre of this comeback. His two wickets and then a run out in the same over through Ollie Pope's direct hit stole New Zealand's advantage. At one stage what looked like a lead above 350, remained 276, and the hosts earned themselves a chance to go 1-0 up in the series.
  • The second day also started with six wickets in the morning session, and we thought, this Test won't see the next day. But as the saying goes, cricket is a game of great uncertainties. Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell joined forces to rescue the touring team. Their 195-run stand took the wind out of England's sails, and by the end of Day 2, New Zealand got into the position to dictate terms. Did they do that?
  • Let's quickly run through the ebbs and flows of the first Test of this English summer. It was expected to be a batting beauty at Lord's, and both skippers had the same thought in mind - to bat first. Kane Williamson had his say, but things didn't go as planned. Although there weren't any demons on the surface, there was just enough juice to extract. The trio of Anderson, Broad and Potts combined to make full use of the conditions and blew away the Kiwis inside two sessions. New Zealand though didn't sit back regretting and retorted by picking seven English wickets by Stumps on Day 1. 
  • England have done it! They've won this roller-coaster of a Test match. With 61 needed this morning, and five wickets in the tank, the hosts made sure there were no hiccups. The start to the chase was a bit iffy for the hosts, but once Ben Stokes got a life (bowled off a no ball on 1), he and Root constructed a 90-run stand to make things smooth. The former skipper then allied with Ben Foakes to raise an unbeaten match-winning century stand to take England home. Root also went on to complete his maiden century in the fourth innings of a Test match and notched up 10,000 Test runs - only the second Englishman to achieve this feat after Sir Alastair Cook.
  • Joe Root leads everyone off the park! A great knock. It's a huge ovation for him. No drama in the morning. England stayed focused. New Zealand didn't get the movement they needed and looked lacklustre. Kane Williamson tried hard to convince the umpires to change the ball but in vain. Interestingly, they had one ball changed before as well, and after that, the degree of movement they got was a lot lesser than the previous time. These little things matter sometimes.
  • 78.5
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, FOUR! Here is the winning shot! Joe Root has done it. New era, new England, a new captain and they start with a thumping win over New Zealand. Back of a length, around off, Root goes back and smacks it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Root jumps in delight and the English balcony is on its feet. ENGLAND WIN BY 5 WICKETS!
  • 78.4
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, Width there, short and outside off, Root strokes it through the line but the point fielder makes a diving stop.
  • 78.3
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, Almost drags it on! Southee gets a length ball to bend back in down the slope, Root sticks back to cut but it takes the bottom edge and goes on the bounce to the keeper.
  • 78.2
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, FOUR! Root is in a hurry, two more needed! This one is full and outside off, Root presses forward and creams his drive through mid off.
  • 78.1
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, FOUR! Finds the gap at last! A touch short in length and outside off, Root stays on the back foot and delicately guides it through the gap between gully and wide slip for a boundary.
  • END OF OVER 78 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 267/5
  • Drinks break. The ball has not moved much and New Zealand have been unable to pick a single wicket this morning. England have batted positively, mainly Ben Foakes, and they are now 10 runs away from sealing the deal.
  • 77.6
    Trent Boult to Joe Root, A low full toss outside off, Root reaches out and strokes it to deep cover for a single.
  • 77.5
    Trent Boult to Joe Root, Fuller and on middle, it's driven back towards the bowler.
  • 77.4
    Trent Boult to Joe Root, Gets behind the line of the delivery and blocks it to covers.
  • 77.3
    Trent Boult to Joe Root, Pitches it up and around middle, Root drives it down to mid off.
  • 77.2
    Trent Boult to Ben Foakes, Back of a length, on off and angling away, Foakes gets across the stumps and glances it to deep square leg for another run.
  • 77.1
    Trent Boult to Joe Root, Boult returns to bowl again. Delivers it on a length around leg, it's worked behind square leg for a single.
  • END OF OVER 77 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 264/5
  • 76.6
    Tim Southee to Joe Root, Movement in the air and off the pitch too as it lands on a fuller length, around middle, Root inside-edges his attempted flick shot down to fine leg. A single taken.