NZ beat ENG by 74 runs
Man of the Match - Finn Allen
20.0/20 Ovrs
18.3/20 Ovrs
New Zealand in England, 4 T20I Series, 2023 |3rd T20I |9/3/2023
Edgbaston, Birmingham
  • Right then, that's it from the coverage of this game. These two sides will meet again on 5th September 2023 for the fourth and the final T20I match of this series. If England win it, they win the series, but if they don't and New Zealand win it, then it will be regarded as a brilliant comeback from the Kiwis that too away from home. The first ball will be at 10.30 pm IST (5 pm GMT), but as you all know you can join us early for the build-up. Until then take care and goodbye.
  • Tim Southee, the victorious skipper is up for a quick chat and he says that they were much better today and the style of play was what they would want to continue. Adds that the partnerships in the middle were crucial for the side to post such a big total. Mentions that after posting over 200 they felt confident in defending this well and the bowlers did a great job as well.
  • Jos Buttler, the captain of England is in for a chat. He starts by stating that they needed a fast start but it was not the case. Even praises New Zealand as he think they outplayed them in this encounter. Mentions that they could get going with the bat today. Adds that he is delighted for Gus Atkinson and is glad he is getting much more exposure here at an International level.
  • Finn Allen wins the Player of the Match award for his incredible outing with the bat in hand. He says that the way they bowled pushed him to go big and it turned out good for him. Adds that he feels great to help the team in a winning cause and bat the way he did. Informs that he has been working a lot on his body and it is responding in the best way possible.
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  • Tim Southee would certainly be relieved to see the way his boys have performed today, and it was just fitting that Tim Southee was the one who took the final wicket to get his side over the line. England had only one plan, that was too set the platform, although the pair of Kyle Jamieson and Tim Southee had other ideas, as they got rid of Jonny Bairstow and Dawid Malan cheaply. Then, it was the spin that troubled the hosts and Ish Sodhi feasted on it, as he ended the game with a three-wicket haul. Kyle Jamieson also returned with three wicket, and he stood out as well as he was much more economical than the spinner here. Matt Henry and Mitchell Santner chipped in with a wicket each. Overall, it was a dominating performance from the Kiwi bowlers.
  • This performance was very much unlike England in their home turf. For the first time ever in this series, it looked like their batting unit was weaker than the opposition. To be honest, England were the second best side in this encounter. Jos Buttler with 40 was their highest run scorer, and Moeen Ali's 26 stood second best. That certainly tells you everything you need to know about this batting performance. A rare bad day at the office for the English boys, they will certainly come out hungrier the next time they step out on the field, as the series would be on the line.
  • England get a taste of their own medicine here. Now they would certainly know how it feels to lose wickets at regular intervals while chasing a target excess of 200 runs in a T20I game. New Zealand have finally managed to seal a victory in this series and that means there is still plenty to play for in the final and the fourth T20I. The never give-up attitude of theirs has taken this series down to the wire. 
  • 18.3
    Tim Southee to Adil Rashid, OUT! IN THE AIR AND GONE! It is all over as the visitors win this one by 74 runs. On a length in the middle, Adil Rashid looks to go big but gets a leading edge that skies high near the stumps and Tim Seifert collects it to wrap this game.
  • 18.2
    Tim Southee to Adil Rashid, On a length in middle, Adil Rashid goes for the wild slog and inside edges this towards fine leg for a single.
  • 18.1
    Tim Southee to Gus Atkinson, On a length in middle, Gus Atkinson lofts this towards the mid-wicket region for a single.
  • END OF OVER 18 | 7 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 125/9
  • 17.6
    Kyle Jamieson to Gus Atkinson, Good length delivery on off, Gus Atkinson punches this to extra-cover and takes a single.
  • 17.5
    Kyle Jamieson to Adil Rashid, Short-pitched delivery in middle, Adil Rashid pulls this one towards the deep mid-wicket fielder for a single.
  • 17.4
    Kyle Jamieson to Gus Atkinson, On a length in middle, Gus Atkinson slogs this on the on side for another single.
  • 17.3
    Kyle Jamieson to Adil Rashid, Full toss in middle, Adil Rashid rolls this one towards long and takes a single.
  • 17.2
    Kyle Jamieson to Adil Rashid, On a length around the pads, Adil Rashid flicks this behind the square on the on side for a couple.
  • 17.1
    Kyle Jamieson to Gus Atkinson, Fuller one in middle, Gus Atkinson pushes this to long on for a single.
  • END OF OVER 17 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 118/9
  • 16.6
    Matt Henry to Gus Atkinson, On a length in middle, Gus Atkinson slogs this towards long on for a single.
  • 16.5
    Matt Henry to Gus Atkinson, On a length in middle, Gus Atkinson slices this towards gully for no run.
  • 16.4
    Matt Henry to Adil Rashid, Back of a length in middle, Adil Rashid pulls this towards deep square leg for a single.
  • 16.3
    Matt Henry to Adil Rashid, On a length around off, Adil Rashid punches this to cover for no run.
  • 16.2
    Matt Henry to Gus Atkinson, On a length wide of off, Gus Atkinson cuts this hard but the fielder at gully does well to save a boundary with a full stretch dive to his left to keep it down to a single.
  • 16.1
    Matt Henry to Gus Atkinson, Full and wide outside off, Gus Atkinson smashes this into the wicket and towards the off side for a single.