ENG beat NZ by 7 wickets
Man of the Match - Jack Leach
& 326-10
New Zealand in England, 3 Test Series, 2022 |3rd Test |6/23/2022
Headingley, Leeds
  • That is it from this game and this series! It was the perfect start for the Stokes-McCullum duo. For the Kiwis, it hasn’t been the best year for the WTC champions in this format so far. However, all the attention now turns to the big match, the game between India and England which begins on the 1st of July. We hope you enjoyed our company, until next time, goodbye and take care!
  • England skipper Ben Stokes says that he is very happy to walk away with a 3-0 win in the series against the best team in the world. Further says that for him it was very important to win and change the mindset of the lads and it is also a great pleasure to play for the country. Mentions that everyone played well for the country and turning the game from 55-6 and winning it is really special. Says that the young players did well. Potts was amazing and Broad was amazing as well and he has never seen the dressing room as happy as it is right now. Mentions his experience with McCullam and their game with India and says that they will go with the same mindset of winning.
  • New Zealand captain Kane Williamson says that it has been an incredible series and they had an opportunity all through the series but credits England for counter-attacking when they were on the back foot. Says it was the same in this game and they were good in all areas however, England won the fine margins to steer the outcome of the matches in their favor and clinch the series. Says they went for balance and thought the seamers would play a larger role and that is how they decided to go for the team composition. Admits that the top-order needs to contribute more and says hopefully they will improve. Professes his love for the group and says it's an interesting period of time and he enjoys captaining them in all formats and looks forward to the future games.
  • Mitchell will be Player of the Series for New Zealand and he says that they wanted to play and challenge the opponents but it didn't go that way. Says that he is proud of the players and he feels proud to play for the country. Mentions that it's international cricket and they need to keep adapting to different formats. Further says that it was a pleasure to play at Lords as it is a historic place and he enjoyed playing there. Mentions his partnership with Blundell was amazing and loved to play this series. Says that he has spent a lot of time with Tom Blundell together.
  • Player of the Series for England is Joe Root. He says that the way Jonny is playing is outstanding and he is in ODI format mode. He continues by saying that the whole dressing room knew he was a good player and he is showing it to the world now. Says they just enjoy watching him play with so much confidence.  Says he plays what is in front of him and claims that the team was getting confident as the series progressed and they all enjoy playing under this new regime. Confesses that it has been a  tough ride for them in Test cricket and they need to enjoy the series win. Says that Ben Stokes has been outstanding and they look forward to the Test match against India.
  • Jack Leach who has been adjudged Man of the Match, says that it was a nice comeback from the team and he's very happy. Mentions that they got the win and they loved it and feel special. Further says that in the start the pitch was a bit dry but the bowlers were amazing and he applauds Potts and Bairstow.
  • ... Time for Presentation ...
  • Still though, the hosts had a tricky target on the board to chase but they have done it quite easily courtesy excellent knocks from Pope, Root and Bairstow. England have totally outplayed the visitors here. The brand of cricket they have played and the manner they have chased this total down was scary. They look a different and a very dangerous side under the management of McCullum and the captaincy of Stokes.
  • New Zealand did put up a decent reply in their second innings courtesy Williamson, Latham, Mitchell and Blundell. The Kiwis did get themselves into decent position but poor contributions from the rest meant they were kept in check by England. Jack Leach was the major contributor for England with the ball as he picked up 5-wicket hauls in both the innnings of the Test match.
  • That missed review proved to be costly as Bairstow and Overton added over 200. Bairstow got to yet another ton and Overton fell three short. Courtesy the two, England managed to take a slender lead.
  • New Zealand had their moments in this match just like they did through the series but yet again it was England who showed more character to come out on top. New Zealand got to over 300 thanks to a ton from Daryl Mitchell. After which they had England reeling at 55 for 6 and it could have been 7 had they taken a review against Jamie Overton. However the chose not to do and the game changed from that point.
  • For New Zealand, the bowling was yet again disappointing. Southee began brilliantly but Boult and the others were not up for it today. Especially, Boult who just did not get into his stride and never let the pressure build. That though, is how the bowling has been for the visitors throughout the series.
  • Two of their best batters of this series came to the fore yet again. Root continued from where he left off yesterday and Bairstow continued his amazing form. They yet again played in an attacking manner. Bairstow got to yet another fifty in no time and Root just kept milking the runs and England got over the line in no time.
  • ENGLAND HAVE COMPLETED THE WHITEWASH! Yet another amazing chase and the way they got to the runs was brilliant! They needed over 100 at the start of this session. They lost Pope early but still managed to chase this down in no time.
  • 54.2
    Michael Bracewell to Jonny Bairstow, SIX! And that is it! Jonny Bairstow gets England home in style! Michael Bracewell goes full this time angling in from middle, Jonny Bairstow says thank you and pounds this over long on for a biggie! Raises his arm in celebration and the English dressing room is on their feet applauding their players! This has been way too easy today and Jonny Bairstow seems like he can do nothing wrong!
  • 54.1
    Michael Bracewell to Jonny Bairstow, FOUR! Short and wide and asking to be hit! Michael Bracewell seems like he wants to help England get home quickly. Bowls a half-tracker that is punched through covers for a boundary! England is just one hit away!
  • END OF OVER 54 | 0 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 286/3
  • 53.6
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, Neil Wagner angles this one in from off on a good length, Joe Root plays this confidently towards cover.
  • 53.5
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, Wide outside off on a good length. Joe Root is happy to see this one go through to the keeper.
  • 53.4
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, Full and angling into the pads, Joe Root flicks this towards mid-wicket.
  • 53.3
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, Good-length delivery on outside off, Worked towards the point fielder.
  • 53.2
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, Full and on the middle, Root blocks it straight back to the bowler.
  • 53.1
    Neil Wagner to Joe Root, On a length and on leg, Root tries to play at it but could not connect.
  • END OF OVER 53 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 286/3
  • 52.6
    Michael Bracewell to Joe Root,  Quicker and on the stumps, Root works it towards the leg side for a single