Match Abandoned
ENG won the toss and elected to field
41.1/50 Ovrs
Sri Lanka in England, 3 ODI Series, 2021 |3rd ODI |7/4/2021
County Ground, Bristol
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CRR: 4.0 | L'Wkt: Asitha Fernando 0 (5)
  • Right then! Eoin Morgan lifts the trophy and he must be a happy skipper now. Sri Lanka have managed to get 5 points in the World Cup Super League Table and some good performances by individuals from this series. To say that they had a tough tour would be putting it mildly. Now, they go back home and gear up to face India. For England, it was a good start to their summer as far as limited-overs cricket is concerned. Now, they will face up against Pakistan and that should be an exciting contest. It was our pleasure to bring you the coverage of this tour and we hope that you liked it. We have plenty of cricket coming up in the next few weeks so do join us for that. Till then, take care and stay safe!
  • Eoin Morgan, the England skipper, is up for the chat, he says everybody is delighted by the series win. Also says he really liked the way the bowlers started the game today. Says the boys have never taken anything for granted, they were up for the fight and they were impressive. He praises the efforts of David Willey as he was very consistent throughout the series. Also says the areas they are trying to improve on, they have done well in the series. Regarding T20Is, stresses the importance of death overs and they would concentrate on that. Says Pakistan is a tough fixture, the last time we faced them it was a cracking competition. Ends by saying they have a lot of depth in their hand and only time can tell if Stokes and Buttler will be back in the squad.
  • Kusal Perera, the Sri Lanka skipper, is down for a chat, he says it was a tough tour for them. Adds that they did well in patches but it wasn't good enough. Further adds that their batting is a big concern but their fielding and bowling have been quite good. Says that batters need to trust their ability and get back to the basics. Finishes by saying that they need to be consistent enough to beat the top teams.
  • David Willey is the PLAYER OF THE SERIES, he says he is happy to be involved back in the game. He was out of the game due to injuries and he is glad that he could come back stronger. Ends by saying it a good feeling to receive the cap for the 50th ODI. Finishes by saying that the white ball this year has swung a lot more.
  • UPDATE 16:20 Local Time (15:20 GMT) - MATCH HAS BEEN CALLED OFF! The weather Gods have had their way and the continuous pouring down has meant that the match has been called off. Sri Lanka have avoided a clean sweep. England win the ODI series on top of winning the T20I series. They have completely dominated this game too with the ball and would have wanted to chase this down but it wasn't to be. Stay tuned for the presentation.
  • UPDATE 15:40 Local Time (14:40 GMT) - We still do not have any good news as it continues to rain. We have reached the point where we have started losing overs. A reminder that 1800 Local is the latest that we can start a 20-over game. The chances of Sri Lanka defending it after DLS comes into picture are getting slimmer by the minute.
  • UPDATE 15:20 Local Time (14:20 GMT) - The game should've gotten underway by now. But it looks like the rain has crashed the party yet again. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • So, England need 167 runs to win and complete the clean sweep. It should be an easy task for the home side given their batting strength. Can the Sri Lankan bowlers continue to impress with the ball and take away a consolation victory before going back home? Join us in some time for the chase.
  • No different story for Sri Lanka. They continued to repeat the same mistakes and the top order once again collapsed within the first 10 overs. The visitors were four men down, as the skipper started the proceedings. Pathum Nissanka and Dhananjaya de Silva followed his path as they got out in single digits. It was then a short stand of Wanindu Hasaranga and Oshada Fernando that helped them recover a bit, but it was a short stand. As both of them fell while looking to up the ante. In the end, a nice cameo by Dasun Shanaka helped them cross 150, but he was unlucky to miss out on a well-deserved 50.
  • The English Lions continue to dominate in this series. They have never fallen short of anything in this tour. It was David Willey and Chris Woakes to start the party in Bristol, although the crowd must've been still in a hangover from yesterday night's victory in football, to see their country reach the semi-finals of EURO 2020. The pacy pair picked up two wickets each before the end of Powerplay 1, which left the opposition in no man's land. Later, it was a one-man show as Tom Curran went onto get a four-wicket haul under his belt. This has been his best performance in this series, he was desperate for one and would be satisfied to get it in the final game of the leg. In the end, it was Adil Rashid to find a late breakthrough and it was a run out to end things for Sri Lanka.
  • Another strong performance by the England bowlers means that they need only 167 runs to win the series. Given their batting strength, it should be a walk in the park for them. Sri Lanka had yet another tough day with the bat and will be extremely disappointed.
  • 41.1
    Sam Curran to Dasun Shanaka, OUT! RUN OUT! That is a hopeless run out! Fuller ball, on the pads. Dasun Shanaka clips it to deep mid-wicket. Now, Asitha Fernando wants the second but Dasun Shanaka doesn't. Fernando has reached the bowler's end as the throw comes in from the deep. Both the batters are at the same end. Curran throws the ball to the Jonny Bairstow, who does the rest. Sri Lanka are bowled out for 166!
  • END OF OVER 41 | 7 Runs & 1 Wkt | SL 165/9
  • 40.6
    Adil Rashid to Asitha Fernando, Beaten by a whisker! Loopy ball, outside off. Fernando looks to defend but the ball goes just past the outside edge.
  • 40.5
    Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, Short and wide outside off. Cut away to deep point for one.
  • 40.4
    Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, SIX! Good shot! Shorter ball, outside off. Dasun Shanaka goes back and hammers it over the long on fence.
  • 40.3
    Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, Flatter ball, on off. Pushed to covers.
  • 40.2
    Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, Short and wide outside off. Shanaka cuts it to deep cover.
  • 40.1
    Adil Rashid to Dasun Shanaka, Flatter ball, on middle. Tucked to the leg side.
  • END OF OVER 40 | 6 Runs & 0 Wkt | SL 158/9
  • Powerplay 2 comes to an end! Now maximum of 5 fielders can be placed outside the 30-yard circle until the end of innings.
  • 39.6
    Sam Curran to Dasun Shanaka, Direct hit and Asitha Fernando was a goner! Length ball, outside off. Shanaka taps it towards cover and takes off for a quick single. David Willey attempts a direct hit at the batter's end but misses.
  • 39.5
    Sam Curran to Dasun Shanaka, FOUR! Cracking shot! Full ball, outside off. Shanaka hits it past the diving point fielder for a boundary.
  • 39.4
    Sam Curran to Dasun Shanaka, Back of a length ball, outside off. Pushed towards point now.
  • The physio has been called out. Dasun Shanaka calls him on, he looks in some pain.