MI beat Gujarat Titans by 5 runs
Man of the Match - Tim David
20.0/20 Ovrs
20.0/20 Ovrs
Gujarat Titans
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 51 |5/6/2022
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
  • That's it from this game! We look forward to yet another weekend as Saturday, 7th May sees Punjab take on Rajasthan at 3.30 pm IST (10 am GMT) and later Lucknow will face Kolkata at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT) but as usual join us early for the build-up. Till then, cheers!
  • Tim David is the Player of the Match. He says that it feels great to win tonight. Mentions that it was a good batting wicket and that's why he was disappointed after missing out a few balls. Mentions that they bowled well after giving away 90 runs in the first 10 overs. Further adds that it was a two-paced wicket and it's about getting to a flier and carrying on then, but he feels great to be on the winning side.
  • Rohit Sharma, the skipper of Mumbai, says it was pretty tight but it is satisfying to win, the luck had to turn to their side at some stage. Feels they were 15-20 runs short but Tim David finished things very well and took them to a defendable score. Adds that the bowling decision depends on the pitch, who is bowling well on that day and he had resourced to turn towards and the players put in a great effort to defend it. Tells that they are not thinking too far away and feel, they haven't played their best cricket yet, not even today but he backs his players and their skillset. On Daniel Sams, he was under the pump in the last couple of games but he has the skillset and he backed him. Admits they are trying to maintain the same squad how much ever possible.
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  • Daniel Sams, the man of the moment, says that it was a crazy game, but it was good to get across the line, the game was always back and forth. But it feels good. Mentions that he just stuck to his plan in the last over, he had to give his everything. Mentions that he was just trying to stick to his best ball and the slower ball was his go to ball and it paid off. Further says that they did not have a great start in the tournament, but they have nothing to lose and can show other teams what they are capable of!
  • Hardik Pandya, the skipper of Gujarat says that they were cruising through, but the batters put them down in the end. Adds that in T20 cricket they can't keep losing wickets, and that probably was the turning point where they lost two wickets in one over, it pulled the game back. But not blaming anyone here, they have won in crunch situations all the time. Says that they played very good cricket till the 19th over, but it just slipped away, they should have not let the game go till the 20th over. Adds that with the bowling at one point Mumbai were looking to post over 200 and at the end he was happy with 170.
  • Gujarat have chased tougher scores before this but all the applause goes to Daniel Sams here. The two crucial run outs, one of Hardik Pandya and the other of Rahul Tewatia helped Mumbai clinch their second win. Murugan Ashwin took two wickets while Kieron Pollard ended with one wicket. But all the pressure was on Daniel Sams who had to defend 9 runs in the last over and boy, he did it brilliantly. Mumbai just did what party spoilers do. Stay tuned for some quick interviews. 
  • A target of 177 looked like a par score and Gujarat were the firm favorites to win it but credit to the Mumbai bowlers. Gujarat were 95 at the halfway mark and with two set batters out there but the tide did turn as Murugan Ashwin took the wicket of both the openers. It feels like Hardik Pandya's run out was the turning point as Gujarat were looking comfortable till then. They still had Rahul Tewatia and David Miller who have done the finishing job this season but remember Hardik said once, that he hopes they don't run out of luck too early and it feels like they ran out of luck here. 
  • Mumbai have done it! Incredible scenes here in Brabourne Stadium. Daniel Sams is pumped up as he jumps in the air. Rohit Sharma joins the celebration. Wow, 9 runs defended off the last over and all the bets were against Mumbai at that time. Sams was bowling against Rahul Tewatia and David Miller who are finishing games in each match but they have failed here. Mumbai have won two in a row now, while the table-toppers, Gujarat have lost their second consecutive game. 
  • 19.6
    Daniel Sams to David Miller, ANOTHER SWING AND A MISS! A low full toss, slower ball, outside off. David Miller once again swings his bat but he misses. Daniel Sams has defended this and he punches the air in delight! Incredible scenes here at Brabourne! Mumbai win by 5 runs!
  • 6 runs needed off the last delivery. David Miller is on the strike.... Rohit Sharma again has a talk with Sams. 
  • 19.5
    Daniel Sams to David Miller, SWING AND A MISS! A slower ball once again, wide of off, fuller in length. David Miller swings his bat at it but he misses. 
  • 19.4
    Daniel Sams to Rashid Khan, IN THE AIR...AND SAFE! It's all happening here! A shorter ball, around middle and off. Rashid Khan pulls this but the ball goes the top edge behind the bowler. Daniel Sams runs back, dives, but he fails to get to the ball. Single taken! 6 off 2 now.
  • Rashid Khan walks out to the crease. 7 runs needed in 3 balls.
  • 19.3
    Daniel Sams to Rahul Tewatia, OUT! RUN OUT! Another turn of events! What a game we are witnessing here! This is really good bowling from Daniel Sams. Another slower ball, short in length, around middle. Rahul Tewatia miscues his pull shot towards deep mid-wicket. They run the first one hard and come back for the second one. Tilak Varma there, collects the ball and throws it towards the keeper. Ishan Kishan grabs the ball and breaks the stumps. The replay shows Rahul Tewatia is short of his ground. He walks back! 
  • A run out chance! A throw from deep mid-wicket comes to Ishan Kishan who clips the bails off and Rahul Tewatia is out of his crease here. OUT.
  • 19.2
    Daniel Sams to Rahul Tewatia, Lovely delivery! A slower ball, yorker length, wide of off. Rahul Tewatia throws his bat at it but he misses. No wide called! that's inside the tramline. Good call by the umpire. 
  • Rohit Sharma constantly having a chat with Sams. 
  • 19.1
    Daniel Sams to David Miller, A slower ball, shorter, wide of off. David Miller waits for it and cuts it towards sweeper cover for a single. 8 needed off 5 balls now. 
  • END OF OVER 19 | 11 Runs & 0 Wkt | Gujarat Titans 169/4
  • 9 runs needed of the last over. Can Daniel Sams defend it?
  • 18.6
    Jasprit Bumrah to David Miller, A length ball, outside off. David Miller pushes it towards deep cover and takes only a single. He retains the strike. 9 runs are needed off the last over. 
  • 18.5
    Jasprit Bumrah to David Miller, SIX! BANG! David Miller picks up the length and picks up the slower ball as well! A shorter ball, around middle. David Miller pulls it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.  
  • 18.4
    Jasprit Bumrah to Rahul Tewatia, Outside off, on a length. Rahul Tewatia opens the face of the bat and guides it towards backward point. Another single taken.
  • 18.3
    Jasprit Bumrah to David Miller, This is good bowling from Jasprit Bumrah! A length ball, another off-pace delivery, around middle and leg. David Miller works it away towards deep mid-wicket. Only a single.