IND beat AFG by 11 runs
Man of the Match - Jasprit Bumrah
50.0/50 Ovrs
49.5/50 Ovrs
ICC Cricket World Cup, 2019 |Match 28 |6/22/2019
The Rose Bowl, Southampton
  • That's all from this close game. Afghanistan made sure that they don't get steamrolled, in fact, they gave India a very good run for their money. The Men in Blue now jump to the number 3 position in the points table after this hard-fought win. You can now switch tabs to catch all the action from Match 29 of this World Cup. For Sunday, you can join us at 1030 local (0930 GMT) for the clash between Pakistan and South Africa at Lord's. Cheers!
  • India skipper, Virat Kohli says this is one of his best victories. Mentions they have been playing very good cricket. Further adds that they felt 260 or 270 would have been an outstanding score but 250 would have been par. Admits at the halfway mark, they did have doubts in their mind but they had the self-belief. Informs as soon as he went in to bat, he knew it was a slow wicket and the cross-batted shots were not the option here. Mentions that they needed to work it around and get into the innings as it was always going to be difficult with so many quality spinners in the opposition. Tells they look to use Bumrah smartly and he can pick wickets at any time. Informs they planned to give him the 49th so that Shami has quite a few runs to defend. Mentions Shami was excellent, especially his first spell, he was getting the ball to move around. Also tells Vijay Shankar has also shown intent, he has been fielding well too. Ends by saying the players in the squad are hungry and they know what it is to represent your country in the World Cup.
  • Afghanistan skipper, Gulbadin Naib says they played really well. Mentions that they bowled well and did an amazing job in restricting the Indian batting line-up which is very strong. States Afghanistan did well with the bat too but credits Bumrah for the way he bowled. Informs that the wicket was good in the first half and the spinners were very good, especially Rashid, who made a strong comeback. Further adds that they bowled well at the end too. Stresses the total was not a big one but they needed a big score from someone but it did not come. Ends by saying they lost their first 4 games really badly but in the last two games, they have done well and it is a positive sign for the team.
  • Jasprit Bumrah is the Man of the Match for his outstanding bowling! He says to be the go-to bowler of his skipper gives him a lot of confidence to express himself and that helps him to keep a clear mind. States the wicket was getting slower so they needed to be accurate with the older balls. Mentions he was backing his yorkers, the slower ball could also be used but it had to be according to the situation. Stresses they wanted to create pressure and increase the required run rate and it worked for them. Ends by saying they are all very close to each other, they discuss about the plans and it is very good that everybody is chipping in with the wickets.
  • It eventually came down to handling pressure. Afghanistan showed their inexperience there. They had India on the mat for some time but lacked the killer instinct to press the advantage home. A few reckless shots added to their woes and then to handle the class of Bumrah and Shami was always going to be too hot to handle, especially at the death. The Men in Blue showed good character under pressure and just hung in there. They won the decisive moments and this close win will give them more happiness and confidence than any win so far in this tournament. A good workout was needed heading forward.
  • With Afghanistan slowly inching closer to the target, Virat Kohli turned to his trump card, Jasprit Bumrah. The speedster didn't disappoint his skipper and removed the set batsmen, Rahmat Shah and Hashmatullah Shahidi, in a space of three balls. The 29th over completely changed the landscape of this match and India bounced back on top. They slipped in some tidy overs to swell the required run rate and in spite of Mohammad Nabi trying his best by stitching a few partnerships, they fell short by 11 runs.
  • Yet another cliffhanger! Sri Lanka punched above their weight last evening to upset England and now Afghanistan nearly got the better of India. World Cup is surely warming up with some really close contests now. This match was played on a sluggish surface where India struggled to get going with the bat. They managed just 224 in their 50 overs and offered a real chance to Afghanistan. The Afghans started nervously but the second and third wicket partnerships kept them on the track and India on the back foot.
  • What an end to this thriller! Well done Afghanistan for making India work hard for their 50th World Cup win! They gave a real scare to the Men in Blue and won hearts of everyone with their lion-hearted effort. The Afghans will be disappointed on missing out on a golden opportunity to upset one of the title favourites. But chin up, you have done everyone proud.
  • 49.5
    M Shami to Ur Rahman, OUT! KABOOM! Shami takes a hat-trick! Only the second Indian to take a hat-trick in the World Cup. What a comeback into the team for him! He was given the responsibility of the last over and has come out with flying colors. He keeps it simple, goes full and straight at 142 kph, right at the base of the leg stump. Mujeeb swings but misses and the ball kisses the leg pole. All smiles in the Indian camp as they WIN BY 11 RUNS!
  • Mujeeb Ur Rahman is the new man in. He will face the hat-trick ball from Mohammed Shami.
  • 49.4
    M Shami to A Alam, OUT! TIMBER! Two in two for Shami. What a comeback from him after going for a boundary on the first ball. He is delighted. He punches his fist in joy. He attacks the stumps, Alam swings but misses. The furniture behind is disturbed.
  • Aftab Alam is the new man in.
  • 49.3
    M Shami to M Nabi, OUT! There goes Nabi and there goes all the hopes of Afghanistan chasing this down. The Indian supporters and the Indian players can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Shami goes very full, Nabi looks to go over the long on fence. He though does not get under it and hence, the power is not there. It goes to Pandya who takes a good catch moving to his left. A top knock by Nabi but his effort will probably go in vain. 12 needed in 3 balls.
  • 49.2
    M Shami to M Nabi, DOT BALL! Very full and on middle, Nabi winds up for a big shot but heaves it off the inner half to deep mid-wicket. Turns down the single. He wants to do it on his own.
  • 49.1
    M Shami to M Nabi, FOUR! Once again a boundary to begin Shami's over! Ideal start for Afghanistan. Shami misses the yorker by a little and ends up bowling a low full toss. Nabi powers it past long on for a boundary. Also, fifty up for Nabi. His 14th ODI fifty. Can he win Afghanistan this game?
  • END OF OVER 49 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | AFG 209/7
  • 16 needed off 6 balls. Mohammed Shami to bowl it. Nabi will be on strike. Can Afghanistan pull it off?
  • 48.6
    J Bumrah to M Nabi, He takes one! Don't think he could have done a lot though with that delivery. It is a yorker on middle, Nabi jams it out to square leg for one. Just the 5 from the over, once again Bumrah is the man who delivers for India. 16 needed in 6.
  • 48.5
    J Bumrah to Ali Khil, Just the single again! Full and outside off, Ikram jams it through covers for one. One ball to go, what will Nabi do? Go for a biggie or take one?
  • 48.4
    J Bumrah to Ali Khil, Another dot! Which means 18 needed in 8. A low full toss, Ikram hits it straight to short mid-wicket. Ikram needs to hit it big here, he needs to strike one.
  • 48.3
    J Bumrah to M Nabi, Top class stuff! Bowls another yorker on middle, all Nabi can do is jam it down to long on for one. Also, Ikram comes on strike.
  • Seems like Nabi has broken his bat on the last shot. He asks for a new bat.
  • 48.2
    J Bumrah to M Nabi, A couple now! A low full toss now by Bumrah. Nabi does not hit it that well but gets it wide of long off for two.
  • 48.1
    J Bumrah to M Nabi, Tremendous, tremendous stuff! A yorker, nothing you can do with that. It is jammed out towards point.
  • END OF OVER 48 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | AFG 204/7