IND beat NZ by 12 runs
Man of the Match - Shubman Gill
50.0/50 Ovrs
49.2/50 Ovrs
New Zealand in India, 3 ODI Series, 2023 |1st ODI |1/18/2023
Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
  • That is it from this outstanding game. India take the lead and will meet the Kiwis again on 21st January at 1330 IST (0800 GMT) Do join us early for the build up. Cheers! 
  • Shubman Gill wins the Player of the Match award. He says he was eager to do this and he had his moment. Adds he tried to put the bowler under pressure and it was his plan to show some intent. Reckons he wasn't thinking much of 200 but was thinking of partnerships. Says it is satisfying when the ball travels through the gap. Feels the game went close than he expected. 
  • Rohit Sharma says the way Michael Bracewell was batting, they knew it was difficult to defend. Adds after keeping New Zealand 5 down they knew they are in the game but the bowlers failed to execute some plans. On Gill, Rohit says it is clean striking from him. Adds they wanted to give him the opportunity and it is exciting to watch him. On Siraj, Rohit says he was brilliant and is bowling well in all three formats.
  • Tom Latham says it was an amazing innings from Michael Bracewell. Says it was just outstanding to take this game so deep. Shares they were on the edge of their sit and tells they will take confidence from this game. Reckons the pitch was responsive but he again goes on to applaud the performance of Michael Bracewell and also of Mitchell Santner.
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  • Earlier, after choosing to bat first, it was the Gill show. The opener of India scored a double-hundred and single-handedly took his team over 300. When the others struggled, Shubman Gill put on a show and entertained everyone. In the end, it turned out just enough.
  • India kept their nerves but their bowling was a bit ordinary. Apart from Mohammed Siraj, no one looked composed. There were too many extras as well. What looked like an easy win for India, they had to work hard and the bowlers had to handle their nerves. We feel New Zealand started the chase slowly and that didn't help them. And also lost wickets at regular intervals but if there is any positives from the game, it is the innings from Michael Bracewell and Mitchell Santner.
  • Here is the man himself, Michael Bracewell says they just tried to give themselves a chance. Feels he gathered a bit of information of the bowlers but all that matters is when the ball comes and they have to think quickly. Shares they tried to take the game deep and did not think much about winning the game. Reckons they left too many runs to chase in the final phase. 
  • India have won the match but take a moment and applaud the performance of Michael Bracewell. New Zealand were dead and buried at 131 for 6. It looked like an easy win for India but then came the blinder from Michael Bracewell. He single-handedly kept the Kiwis in the game. Michael Bracewell was striking at all parts and at one point looked like will take his team home but the chase turned out to be too big. Michael Bracewell played a gem of an innings and got support from Mitchell Santner as well but in vain in the end.
  • 49.2
    Shardul Thakur to Michael Bracewell, OUT! LBW! What a delivery from Thakur! A yorker, angling on middle. Bracewell shuffles way too across to whip but misses and gets hit on the pads. That looked out but Bracewell had no option but to take it upstairs. No bat there. Ball tracking shows THREE REDS. A go-to delivery in the chase and India win this match.
  • An LBW appeal is taken upstairs. The players are shaking hands. 
  • 49.2
    Shardul Thakur to Michael Bracewell, WIDE! Just too many extra from India! Short, slow and outside off. Bracewell shuffles across to pull but misses.
  • 49.1
    Shardul Thakur to Michael Bracewell, SIX! THE CHASE IS ON! Thakur goes slow but the length is not good enough. Easy for Bracewell as he sits back and hammers it down to long on for a six. 14 needed now.
  • END OF OVER 49 | 4 Runs & 1 Wkt | NZ 330/9
  • Shardul Thakur to bowl the final over. 20 runs needed now.
  • 48.6
    Hardik Pandya to Michael Bracewell, Short in length and on off, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single. 
  • 48.5
    Hardik Pandya to Michael Bracewell, Fuller ball, outside off, Bracewell looks to heave but top edges it to mid off for one. Actually, he denied the run. Dot ball.
  • 48.4
    Hardik Pandya to Blair Tickner, Excellent piece of fielding from Kohli! Outside off, guided to the left of point. Bracewell is on strike. 
  • 48.3
    Hardik Pandya to Lockie Ferguson, OUT! TAKEN! Lockie Ferguson goes! Full ball, outside off, off-cutter. Lockie Ferguson throws his bat and only hits high up in the air and to mid off. Shubman Gill runs from deep and takes a comfortable catch. 
  • 48.2
    Hardik Pandya to Michael Bracewell, A full toss on the pads. Bracewell plays from the higher part of the blade to square leg for one.
  • 48.1
    Hardik Pandya to Lockie Ferguson, On middle, nudged to mid-wicket for a single. Bracewell on the strike.
  • END OF OVER 48 | 17 Runs & 0 Wkt | NZ 326/8
  • 47.6
    Mohammad Shami to Michael Bracewell, SIX! 17 of the over! 24 needed in 12 balls. Bracewell playing a gem a knock! Short and outside off. Bracewell ramps it over point for a six. 
  • 47.5
    Mohammad Shami to Lockie Ferguson, A yorker tailing on the pads. Lockie Ferguson gets an inside edge onto the pads. It rolls on the deck and the batters take a quick single. Shami misses his strike at the batters end. 
  • 47.4
    Mohammad Shami to Michael Bracewell, Shami comes around the wicket! Outside off, pulled to long off for one.