SA beat IRE by 70 runs
Man of the Match - Janneman Malan
50.0/50 Ovrs
47.1/50 Ovrs
South Africa in Ireland, 3 ODI Series, 2021 |3rd ODI |7/16/2021
Malahide Cricket Club Ground, Dublin
  • So, that is it from this game! The series ends on level terms and both the sides take 15 World Super League points! Now it is time to turn the attention to the T20I format as the first game begins on the 19th of this month at 1600 local (1500 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!
  • Temba Bavuma says it was a better show from the last game, the maturity was up there but he feels they let their standards down towards the end, they did level the series but that is not how they wanted to finish the game. Adds, the batting was awsome, Malan and de Kock led the way and he hopes that is the start of good things for them. Mentions Shamsi has been bowling well and so did Maharaj and the pacers have also done well.
  • Janneman Malan, Man of the Match and Man of the Series, says he is very pleased with how he played. States they got a couple of good net sessions and the plans worked well here. Adds it is an honor to bat with de Kock. Ends by saying he is looking forward to make his debut in the longest format.
  • Andy Balbirnie says they would have taken 1-1 at the start of the series but after the first win, they wanted to win another game. Credits the way South Africa played especially Malan and de Kock. Adds the partnership between Singh and Campher was really good. Adds they have played good cricket and they are looking forward to the games that are coming. Ends by saying the youngsters have stepped up and done really well and they are proud what they have done.
  • For South Africa, except for Klaasen everybody had a wicket at least. Klaasen did not have a day to remember, he did not contribute with the bat, nor with the ball but not even in the field. Overall though his team played really well and levelled the series 1-1.
  • Singh along with Campher first made a 100-run stand but the latter fell after getting to a half ton. The former though continued, he played with the tail and got to a well-deserved ton. He single-handedly got down the deficit to less than 100 and ensured it was not a humiliating defeat for the hosts.
  • A comfortable win for South Africa! To be honest, after they scored, close to 350, thanks to Malan and De Kock as the two scored tons, this was never in doubt. Their bowlers also began brilliantly as they had Ireland 6 down before 100. Maharaj, Phehlukwayo, Shamsi, Lizaad all made early inroads. They would  have loved to bundle the hosts ut a lot earlier but that was not to be as Singh surged a fightback. 
  • 47.1
    Anrich Nortje to Craig Young, OUT! Hard length ball from Anrich Nortje and Craig Young tries to heave it over the inner circle but gets a top edge, goes high in the air, and captain Bavuma doesn't make any mistake as he completes the catch comfortably at mid off. Finally, South africa have managed to bowl Ireland out. THEY WIN BY 70 RUNS!
  • END OF OVER 47 | 13 Runs & 1 Wkt | IRE 276/9
  • 46.6
    Lizaad Williams to Simi Singh, 100 for Singh! Take a bow! What a knock! His maiden ODI ton and it is one he won't forget. Superb, superb knock! Had it not been for him, the game would have been done and dusted long ago. He gets there by stroking this through covers and takes two. A standing ovation for him and a well-deserved one.
  • 46.5
    Lizaad Williams to Simi Singh, Two! On off, this is hit over covers for two.
  • 46.4
    Lizaad Williams to Simi Singh, FOUR! Too full and wide, Simi Singh hits it hard and gets and outside edge which goes to third man boundary as the ball races away. Just one shot away from a well deserved Hundred.
  • 46.3
    Lizaad Williams to Craig Young, Good length ball, defended solidly towards cover point and they steal a quick single.
  • 46.3
    Lizaad Williams to Craig Young, WIDE! Way too short and it goes over the batter's head! Wided.
  • 46.3
    Lizaad Williams to Craig Young, WIDE! Lizaad Williams trying to bounce him out, but goes too wide.
  • 46.3
    Lizaad Williams to Craig Young, WIDE! Down the leg side, Young looks to flick but misses.
  • 46.2
    Lizaad Williams to Craig Young, Shorter and outside off, Young slashes but misses.
  • 46.1
    Lizaad Williams to Simi Singh, Shorter and on middle, Singh pulls it towards mid-wicket for one.
  • END OF OVER 46 | 7 Runs & 0 Wkt | IRE 263/9
  • 45.6
    Anrich Nortje to Simi Singh, Good length ball on the stumps, tucked away by Simi Singh towards mid wicket for a quick single.
  • 45.5
    Anrich Nortje to Craig Young, Just a single from the Free Hit! Short and on middle, Young looks to pull but he gets a top edge towards mid on for one.
  • 45.5
    Anrich Nortje to Simi Singh, NO BALL! A full toss just above waist high and Simi Singh mistimes the slog. FREE HIT coming up.
  • 45.4
    Anrich Nortje to Craig Young, Slices the low full toss to the cover point fielder for a run. 
  • 45.3
    Anrich Nortje to Simi Singh, Pushed through the off side for a single.
  • 45.2
    Anrich Nortje to Simi Singh, Simi Singh tries to carve it through covers, but gets inside half of the bat.