DC beat KKR by 44 runs
20.0/20 Ovrs
19.4/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 19 |4/10/2022
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
  • Right then, that is all we have from this game. It has been a comfortable victory for Delhi. The action continues as the second game of this Super Sunday between Lucknow and Rajasthan is already underway. So switch tabs and enjoy that game. Cheers! 
  • Kuldeep Yadav is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his brilliant figures with the ball of (4-0-35-4). 
  • David Warner is down for a chat. He says that it feels good to get a win and it was a nice wicket. Tells that Prithvi Shaw is an exciting player to watch and he is loving his time in the Delhi camp. Informs that Ponting is a great coach and having him as a coach is like a parent to a kid. Jokes that he doesn't call him dad though.
  • Shreyas Iyer, the skipper of Kolkata, says that Delhi got off to a good start and they were a bit clueless at that time. Mentions that they carried on the momentum and it was tough to stop them. Tells that it was a good batting pitch and they chose to bowl as they won their three games chasing. Informs that they showed intent from the word go but it wasn't a good start for them.
  • Time for some interviews!
  • Kolkata came into this game with a lot of confidence but they were put under pressure right from the start in this game as Umesh Yadav failed to get an early breakthrough in this game. They were always behind the 8-ball after that and ended up making it too tough for their batters with 216 to chase. Shreyas did played a good knock today but they needed couple of more guys to contribute and that didn’t happen for Kolkata and in the end they have fallen short of the target by a pretty big margin.
  • Delhi had an another good start with the bat courtesy of their dynamic opening pair of Shaw and Warner. However, the good thing was that Delhi did not let the momentum slip away today and Delhi posted a big score on the board. Khaleel Ahmed then took two early wickets with the ball and put the pressure on Kolkata early in the chase. Kuldeep Yadav then showed his class yet again with crafty spin to take four wickets and broke the backbone of Kolkata batting lineup. However, it was Lalit Yadav who broke a dangerous looking partnership between Rana and Shreyas and in the end it has been a clinical performance by Delhi in this crucial game for them.
  • Delhi needed a strong performance to beat this Kolkata side and they have produced it in this game. Right from the way they started with the bat in the Powerplay, they displayed great intent and have found themselves on the right side of the result in the end. Kolkata, on the other hand, had an off day as they were outplayed in all the departments and would be looking to come out with better plans and execution in the next game.
  • 19.4
    Shardul Thakur to Rasikh Dar, OUT! CAUGHT! That will be that! Lord Shardul Thakur bags his second wicket and ends Kolkata's innings. Batted beautifully in the end hitting som lusty blows and now ends the proceedings as well. Slower and fuller, on middle. Rasikh Dar crouches low and slogs it off the top edge to long on where Rovman Powell takes the simplest of catches. Delhi win by 44 runs! 
  • 19.3
    Shardul Thakur to Varun Chakaravarthy, Length ball, outside off. Slices to deep backward point for a single.
  • Varun Chakaravarthy is the last man in.
  • 19.2
    Shardul Thakur to Andre Russell, OUT! CAUGHT! Short of a length, outside off. Andre Russell hops and cuts it away. He picks out Sarfaraz Khan at deep point and will have to depart. Not the best of knocks from him. Shardul Thakur bags his first wicket. Delhi one wicket away now from officially winning this. 
  • 19.1
    Shardul Thakur to Andre Russell, FOUR! Picks up a boundary but Andre Russell shakes his head as he didn't time that well. Length ball, on middle. Andre Russell swipes it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary. 
  • END OF OVER 19 | 7 Runs & 0 Wkt | KKR 166/8
  • 18.6
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, Another yorker, outside off. Andre Russell drills it down to long off for a run. Delhi surely winning this now. 
  • 18.5
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, A wide yorker, outside off. Andre Russell has to reach out for that one and outside-edges it to short third man. 
  • 18.4
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, A low full toss, Andre Russell heaves it away but straight to deep mid-wicket. 
  • 18.3
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, Great fielding from David Warner in the deep! Short of a length, outside off. Andre Russell muscles it to wide long off. David Warner there runs to his left and and puts in a stunning effort to pull this back into play. Keeps it down to two. 
  • 18.2
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, Well bowled! A short ball, slower in pace, on middle. Andre Russell is beaten by the pace and manages to pull it only to square leg. Denies the single. 
  • 18.1
    Mustafizur Rahman to Andre Russell, FOUR! Shot! Fuller length, on off. Andre Russell stands tall and hammers it to long off for a boundary. Andre Russell will have his eyes on now as he is the only one who can take Kolkata home from here even if there is still any chance. 
  • END OF OVER 18 | 7 Runs & 0 Wkt | KKR 159/8
  • 17.6
    Khaleel Ahmed to Rasikh Dar, FOUR! They need tons of these now! Full and outside off, Rasikh Dar sits low and slices it over backward point for a boundary. 57 needed from 12 balls! Delhi need just 2 wickets to win this game!
  • 17.5
    Khaleel Ahmed to Rasikh Dar, Short of a length, outside off. Rasikh Dar looks to scoop but misses. 
  • 17.4
    Khaleel Ahmed to Andre Russell, DROPPED! Short of a length, on middle. Andre Russell looks to pull but miscues it. The ball goes off the top edge and high in the air towards the mid-wicket region. It should have been Khaleel Ahmed's catch but Rishabh Pant calls for it and runs a long way. He ends up spilling it and the batters take a single. 
  • 17.3
    Khaleel Ahmed to Andre Russell, Full and on leg, Andre Russell clears his front leg and heaves it to long on for a brace.