MI beat KXIP by 3 wickets
Man of the Match - Kieron Pollard
20.0/20 Ovrs
20.0/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2019 |Match 24 |4/10/2019
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
  • That's all from this nail-biting contest. On Thursday, Rajasthan will get ready to host Chennai at 2000 IST (1430 GMT). Do join us for all the action. Cheers!
  • Man of the Match and the victorious Mumbai skipper, Kieron Pollard says this knock is right up there among the best. Dedicates his innings to his wife who is celebrating her birthday today. States he enjoys batting at Wankhede and promoted himself up the order to target the spinners. Further adds that he wanted to keep calm. Also says the wicket was a difficult one to bowl on and praises his bowlers for pulling things back but admits that they didn't end well. He is happy to end on the winning side. Ends by saying, Rohit is the captain of this team, he was rested for precautionary measures and he will gladly hand back the captaincy to him once Sharma returns.
  • Hardik Pandya, who is up for an interview as well, starts by crediting Pollard for the way he batted. On his own batting, Pandya mentions the situation demanded him to go from the first ball itself. Also adds that the way they recovered in the chase from a precarious situation and brought the equation down to 4 runs off 4 balls, he thought that the game was in the bag.
  • Ravichandran Ashwin says the injury to Ankit Rajpoot was a problem for them and getting three overs out of him in the Powerplay was a bonus. Reckons the total was just about par with the dew and adds that it's a tough ground to defend. Mentions they were good with the ball in bits and pieces but could not end it well. Also, says that Sam Curran was under the pump and it is not easy bowling against Pollard and hopes that he will learn from this experience. States there are a few positives like Rahul's batting and their bowling initially, however, they failed to close it well. Hopes that they can get back to winning ways at home. Ends by informing that Chris Gayle has twisted his back and they will have to check his condition.
  • Punjab will be disappointed with the outcome. They dominated for most parts during the run chase but failed to keep the same intensity in the end overs. Mohammed Shami (4-0-21-3) was exceptional but same cannot be said for the other bowlers. When put under pressure, they just fell apart and that cost them the game. Here is what Ravichandran Ashwin has to say...
  • Earlier, KL Rahul and Chris Gayle went berserk and set the platform for a big score for Punjab. They stuttered a bit but then courtesy Rahul's century they posted 197 runs on the board. Chasing a stiff target, Mumbai kept losing wickets at regular intervals and always appeared behind the 8-ball. Kieron Pollard, though, held one end tightly and then unleashed when it mattered the most. His stands first with Hardik Pandya and then with Alzarri Joseph were very crucial in this run chase. Pollard getting dismissed in the final over made things interesting but with 4 needed off 4 balls, Alzarri finished the job on the last ball along with Rahul Chahar.
  • What a humdinger! Phew! A last-ball thriller is what we all want to watch and that's what was served tonight. A chase which didn't go accordingly to the plan for Mumbai turned out to be quite close all thanks to Kieron Pollard. The West Indian promoted himself up the order and played one heck of a knock to achieve this victory.
  • 19.6
    A Rajpoot to A Joseph, MUMBAI WIN BY 3 WICKETS! What a win for them! The crowd has gone bonkers. The Mumbai players are running in the middle. Alzarri Joseph once again is the hero. Tremendous atmosphere at the Wankhede! You just have to love the thrill this format brings. Yet again a low full toss on middle, Joseph brings down a straight bat and pushes it down to long on. They run the first run hard, the fielder releases the throw from the deep but Rahul Chahar is off for the second run and reaches the bowler's end before the throw comes. Mad scenes.
  • 2 needed off the last ball... Tension everywhere... Rajput runs in, Joseph on strike...
  • 19.5
    A Rajpoot to R Chahar, Terrific delivery, a low full toss on middle, Chahar only manages to work it through mid-wicket and takes a run.
  • 19.4
    A Rajpoot to A Joseph, Too full in length on off, Joseph forces it down to long on and crosses for a run. The crowd is getting restless. 3 needed off 2 balls. Anyone smelling a Super Over?
  • 19.3
    A Rajpoot to A Joseph, DOT BALL! Full toss on middle, Alzarri gets behind the line and pushes it back. Rajpoot runs across to his left and collects the ball. 4 needed off 3 balls.
  • Rahul Chahar is the new man in.
  • 19.2
    A Rajpoot to K Pollard, OUT! Pollard is dismissed! Drama at the Wankhede! This game is not over yet. Rajpoot switches to over the wicket and delivers a short ball outside off. Pollard stands back to fetch it from there as he attempts to pull it over mid-wicket. He fails to gather enough power behind it and Miller in the deep takes his fourth catch of the evening. 4 needed off 4 balls.
  • 19.1
    A Rajpoot to K Pollard, FOUR! A full toss on the pads, Pollard picks it up and smashes it behind square leg for a boundary. 4 needed off 5 balls.
  • 19.1
    1nb and sixer
    A Rajpoot to K Pollard, SIX! And it's a NO BALL! A low full toss on middle from 'round the wicket, Pollard mercilessly tonks it over mid-wicket for a biggie. Free Hit loading...
  • END OF OVER 19 | 17 Runs & 0 Wkt | MI 183/6
  • Nerves there for the young man. Rajpoot pulls out just before the delivery stride.
  • Ankit Rajpoot to bowl the last over! Huge responsibility on the young man's shoulders. He has 14 runs to defend. He has been off the field for a long time due to some injury. Will he be the hero?
  • 18.6
    Sam Curran to A Joseph, Very full in length and wide outside off, Alzarri reaches out for it and drives it towards point. Dot ball to end the over, 17 runs from it.
  • 18.5
    Sam Curran to K Pollard, Curran switches to 'round the wicket and serves a very full ball outside off, Pollard drives it through covers and crosses. Joseph has the license to go full the monty on the last ball.
  • 18.4
    Sam Curran to K Pollard, SIX! Into the night sky! Pollard is motoring. Curran showing his inexperience there. Continues to bowl in the slot. A length ball and it has been dispatched over mid-wicket. 16 needed off 8 balls.
  • 18.3
    Sam Curran to K Pollard, SIX! No need to take singles if you can hit such big shots! 10 off first three balls, the crowd is going bonkers. Curran serves right in the slot for Pollard and he hoists it over long off.
  • 18.2
    Sam Curran to K Pollard, Dot ball as Pollard denies a single. He powers a length ball over covers but finds the fielder in the deep.
  • 18.1
    Sam Curran to K Pollard, FOUR! Pollard has taken matters in his own hands! Curran delivers it full and wide outside off, Kieron shuffles across a bit and rockets it over extra cover for a boundary. 28 needed off 11 balls.