SRH beat MI by 3 runs
Man of the Match - Rahul Tripathi
20.0/20 Ovrs
20.0/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 65 |5/17/2022
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
  • Right then! That is all we have from this game! Each game is a knockout from hereon and we have another crunch game lined up as Kolkata will take on Lucknow on Wednesday, 18th May at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT). But make sure you tune in early for the build-up. Till then, goodbye and cheers!
  • Rahul Tripathi is adjudged as the Player of the Match for his brilliant 76 off 44 deliveries. He says that he enjoys batting at number 3 and he loves the responsibility given to him. Adds that Bumrah is a great bowler and he feels lucky to have pulled off that pull shot. Tells that he counter-attack, only after assessing the situation and takes on the bowler accordingly. Mentions that strike rate is important but contributing to a winning cause is always special. Says that he tries to take it ball-by-ball and goes on to say that every ball is an event in T20. He further adds that if the national selectors feel that he is capable of winning games for his country, he will certainly get a chance to play for India.
  • Kane Williamson, the skipper of Hyderabad. He says it was nice to break the streak but before that, the momentum was not on their side. On being asked about Rahul Tripathi, he says he is a really special player. Tells that Malik bowls really fast and its a real bonus for them, his contribution doesn't go away. On being asked about Priyam Garg, he says that Garg is another talented cricket and says we will see a lot more of him as well, he has got a really good head on his shoulders, a lot of potential but a lot of skill as well. Admits that death bowling has been their strength and Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the best in this tournament at the death. His contribution at the end was a match-winning moment.
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  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar is up for a chat! He says that he was just trying to bowl yorkers at the backend. Adds that he was aware about the bigger boundaries on the leg side so he bowled accordingly. Tells that he is quite satisfied about his bowling and he always tries to be economical. On being asked about Umran Malik, he says that he is a raw talent and credits Hyderabad's management for backing a talent like Malik.
  • Rohit Sharma, the losing skipper says that they were very much in the game till the 18th over. Adds that 19 runs from 12 balls were very much gettable but they failed to deliver. Tells that they wanted to try some players in this game but applauds Hyderabad by saying that they batted really well. Mentions that they pulled things back well with the ball. Says that they will look to give it their all in the last game and they will also try some more players in the last game.
  • Hyderabad will be relieved as they are still in the race for playoffs! The victory didn't come easy for them and it was due to some excellent bowling, in the end, that helped them find the victory. Umran Malik showed his brilliance again as after going for 17 runs in his first over, he came back brilliantly and took three wickets in his next two. T Natarajan though almost cost them the game at the backend but Bhuvneshwar Kumar covered it well and eventually, they got the job done. 
  • Mumbai were off to a superb start as both openers finally stitched a partnership in this competition. The 95-run stand meant Mumbai boss the first half but both fell in quick succession and suddenly Mumbai were reeling at 127 for 4. It was David who kept the hopes alive and boy, he brought his team near the line but a small margin of error from him and he lost his wicket and ultimately Mumbai failed to chase the total down. 
  • The last ball off the 18th over won the game for Hyderabad. Tim David's wicket was the turning point and credit to Hyderabad for keeping their nerves later as well. 19 runs were needed off the last two overs and you back the batting side but Bhuvneshwar Kumar came up with a wicket-maiden over and that helped them cross the line.  
  • What a game! What an entertaining game of cricket this was! And surely, Tim David had the game in his palms but his wicket changed the fortunes for Mumbai! Hyderabad will be relieved as a win means they keep their playoffs hope alive. 
  • 19.6
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, SIX! A length ball, around middle. Ramandeep Singh gets across and tonks it way over the deep mid-wicket fence for a maximum. Hyderabad win by 3 runs!
  • 19.5
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, This is excellent bowling! A pinpoint yorker from Fazalhaq Farooqi around off. Ramandeep Singh digs it out. 
  • 19.4
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, FOUR! A wayward ball, around leg. Ramandeep Singh sits back and just helps it on its way towards fine leg for a boundary. 10 runs needed off 2 balls.
  • 19.3
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, AERIAL BUT SAFE! A yorker-length ball, outside off. Ramandeep Singh toe-ends it yet again, in the air towards the mid off region. Two runs taken yet again. 14 runs needed off 3 balls.
  • 19.2
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, Another ball that is full and outside off. Ramandeep Singh throws his bat at it. The ball goes off the toe end, high in the air towards the vacant mid off region for a brace.
  • 19.1
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, Fazalhaq Farooqi goes full and wide, outside off. Ramandeep Singh looks to swing hard but he fails to make any connection.
  • 19.1
    Fazalhaq Farooqi to Ramandeep Singh, Wide! A full ball, well outside off. Ramandeep Singh lets it be. Wided!
  • END OF OVER 19 | 0 Runs & 1 Wkt | MI 175/7
  • The 26-run over is followed by a maiden 19th over. Superb stuff by Bhuvneshwar Kumar! 19 runs are needed off the last over. Fazalhaq Farooqi will bowl it.
  • 18.6
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jasprit Bumrah, DOUBLE WICKET-MAIDEN! A full ball, around middle and leg. Jasprit Bumrah digs it out towards square leg. 19 runs needed of the last over.
  • 18.5
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jasprit Bumrah, Another brilliant yorker, around leg. Jasprit Bumrah fails to get his bat down in time. The ball misses the leg stump by a whisker.
  • 18.4
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jasprit Bumrah, A yorker, angling in from middle and leg. Jasprit Bumrah looks to dig it out but he misses. Excellent bowling from Bhuvneshwar Kumar!
  • 18.3
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Jasprit Bumrah, A slower ball, on a length, outside off. Jasprit Bumrah looks to tap it towards point. He gets a thick inside edge back towards the keeper.
  • Jasprit Bumrah walks out to the middle.
  • 18.2
    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Sanjay Yadav, OUT! CAUGHT! Another one bites the dust! This is a very full ball, outside off. Sanjay Yadav manages to only slice it towards Jagadeesha Suchith (sub) at deep point who takes a sitter. Mumbai are making a mess of this chase.