ENG beat NED by 232 runs
Man of the Match - Jos Buttler
50.0/50 Ovrs
49.4/50 Ovrs
England in Netherlands, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |1st ODI |6/17/2022
VRA Ground, Amstelveen
  • Right then! That's it from the first ODI. England have stamped their authority in this series and the Dutch now have a lot of thinking to do before their next game. This game is the one for the record books. The second ODI will be played on Sunday, 19th June. That game is all set to begin at 2:30 pm IST (9:00 am GMT). But as you all know, our build-up will begin in advance. So, do join us then! Till then, goodbye and take care!
  • Eoin Morgan the captain of England says it is great to be back and having the majority of the senior guys has helped. Adds it is good to see Salt and Malan play like they did and watching Buttler is incredible and it is amazing. States it is great to see the hunger in the players and nobody takes anything for granted. Ends by saying they do not take days like this for granted, they have worked very hard and are very happy with how they played
  • Pieter Seelaar the skipper of Netherlands jokes that saying getting Roy out was good. Further admits the drop catches did not help, they let themselves down but if they would have taken the wickets, they could have stopped them to a respectable score. Adds they'll learn from this and it will make them better and the experience will help. He hopes to put up a better performance in the next game. Ends by saying this is hard to take now but a couple of months later they'll accept it and if it makes them a better player, they'll take it and their batting was good.
  • Jos Buttler is the Player of the Match says he feels great, the Indian T20 League could not have gone better and that gave him a lot of confidence and he felt really good while batting and the platform laid gave them the license to attack. Adds he enjoyed the two months where he did not play cricket after the Ashes and the Indian T20 League was also good. Mentions they have a clear-cut style of playing and this trip is a great opportunity for the guys and it is exciting times for them. Informs he is trying to work on his six-hitting, staying back, and hitting down the ground.
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  • Earlier in the day, England were asked to bat first and they put on an outrageous show! They lost Jason Roy in the second over itself but since then they were all over Netherlands. Philip Salt, Jos Buttler, and Dawid Malan all brought up their centuries. Jos Buttler went on to score an unbeaten 162 off 70 balls. He hit 14 sixes and 7 fours in his knock and scored at a strike rate of over 230! Liam Livingstone scored a blistering knock of 66 off 22 balls and guided England to a total of 498 which is now the highest ODI total. They smashed 26 sixes and 36 fours in their innings Philippe Boissevain was Netherlands' most expensive bowler. He went for 108 runs in his spell of 10 overs and narrowly missed the record for leaking the most number of runs in ODI cricket. In reply, 5 of the Netherlands batters got off to a start but none of them went on to make it big, and in the end, Scott Edwards was left alone along with the tail-enders. Netherlands did well to reach to a score of 266, which is not a bad total at all, but just that in front of the mountain, it looks like a mole. 
  • The hosts have put on a dominant show here! After an exuberant batting display, they put in a collective bowling performance. All their bowlers except Adil Rashid grabbed a wicket. Moeen Ali was the leader of the pack as he took 3 wickets, while all the seamers grabbed two wickets each. England were never under pressure during the chase. They took an early wicket, broke all the crucial partnerships at the right time, and then clinched this game with ease. The only thing that did not go their way was the toss. 
  • Tough day for Netherlands! They will be mighty disappointed with their performance. Coming into bat, they did lose Vikramjit Singh early on, but Max O'Dowd and Musa Ahmad scored runs freely, they showed some aggression. The duo put together 80 runs before Musa Ahmad perished. Max O'Dowd notched up his half-ton and departed soon after that. Post his wicket, there was no intent shown from the Dutch batters. They kept their wickets intact, but runs were not flowing for them. As a result, the required run-rate kept increasing. Towards the end, they lost wickets in a heap. Scott Edwards did toil hard in the middle. He scored an unbeaten 72 but in the end, there were far too many runs to chase. 
  • An empathic win for England at the end! They have clinched this game and have taken a 1-0 lead in this series. It was always going to be a daunting task for Netherlands to chase a target of close to 500. But it's been a day that to forget for the hosts. England have also grabbed 10 vital ICC Super League points after this historic win!
  • 49.4
    Dawid Malan to Philippe Boissevain, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! That is the end of the game! A huge win for England as they emerge victorious by 232 runs. Shorter and outside off, Philippe Boissevain looks to cut but gets an outside edge to the keeper. 
  • 49.3
    Dawid Malan to Philippe Boissevain, Outside off, slower. Philippe Boissevain looks to sweep but misses. 
  • 49.2
    Dawid Malan to Scott Edwards, Three more! On middle, Scott Edwards sweeps again, it goes off the top edge and fine on the leg side for two. 
  • 49.1
    Dawid Malan to Scott Edwards, Swept nicely! On middle, Scott Edwards sweeps it fine on the leg side and takes two. 
  • END OF OVER 49 | 13 Runs & 0 Wkt | NED 261/9
  • 48.6
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, Shortish and on middle, this is pulled through square leg for a single. 
  • 48.5
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, Short and on middle, Edwards pulls it through mid-wicket for two. 
  • 48.4
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, FOUR! That is a strong shot! Fuller and on middle, this is hit beside the umpire and down to the long on fence. 
  • 48.3
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, Two more! On middle, this is pulled through square leg for two. 
  • 48.2
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, FOUR! Short and outside off, Edwards looks to upper cut it but it goes off the top edge and down to the third man fence for a boundary. 
  • 48.1
    Sam Curran to Scott Edwards, Outside off, Edwards looks to jam it out but misses. 
  • END OF OVER 48 | 11 Runs & 0 Wkt | NED 248/9
  • 47.6
    Reece Topley to Philippe Boissevain, FOUR! On off, Philippe Boissevain looks to defend, this goes off the outside edge and down to the third man fence. 
  • 47.5
    Reece Topley to Scott Edwards, Shorter and on middle, this is pulled through mid-wicket for one.
  • 47.4
    Reece Topley to Scott Edwards, Really good running! Steps down the track but a yorker is bowled on middle, it is jammed out towards cover. Two taken. 
  • 47.3
    Reece Topley to Philippe Boissevain, EDGY RUN! Full and outside off, Philippe Boissevain looks to drive, it goes off the outside edge down to third man for one.