IND beat NZ by 8 wickets (D/L method)
Man of the Match - Mohammed Shami
38.0/50 Ovrs
34.5/49 Ovrs
India in New Zealand, 5 ODI Series, 2019 |1st ODI |1/23/2019
McLean Park, Napier
  • That is all we have for you from this first ODI. A convincing win in the end for India but they cannot afford to relax. New Zealand are know for their comebacks. The 2nd ODI will be played at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui. The game will begin at 1500 local time (0200 GMT). Join in for that, till then adios!
  • Victorious Indian captain, Virat Kohli, says that when he lost the toss, he felt that about 300 par was coming. Praises the bowlers for restricting the Kiwis and adds that one could not have asked for anything better. Stresses that the entire fast bowling group believes that they can knock any side over and on Shami, reckons that this is the fittest he has seen him. On the pitch, Kohli says that it got slower in the second half of the innings. Credits the wrist spinners for varying their pace and lines and lengths in the first half. On Dhawan's knock, Virat says that he has always been in good touch but he needs to develop the habit of closing out games. On the players walking off due to the 'sun' effect, VK smiles and says that never in his life has he walked off the field due to this reason and when he last played here in 2014, he felt the same experience. At that time, he says that this rule was not there and is glad that it has been introduced.
  • New Zealand skipper, Kane Willimson, admits that it was not the best effort from New Zealand. Agrees that India were at their best on a surface which was not great for the batsmen. Credits the Indian bowlers for choking the Kiwi batters and feels that at least 250 was minimum on this surface. On the 12-day break before this game, Williamson says that sometimes long breaks help, sometimes they don't but does not want to cite it as an excuse. Flatly says that the Black Caps did not adjust to the conditions. Wants his team to move on from this game quickly and come back harder in the second game.
  • MOHAMMED SHAMI HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Virat Kohli is translating for him. Shami says that all his success is due to the team work. Stresses that the main part is of execution of the plans. Adds that if plan A does not work then plan B is discussed with the skipper. On his fitness, Shami says that he spent 18 months after injury in rehab and the trainers over there helped him get back to cricket. On the comparison of the pitches between Australia and New Zealand, Shami says they are more or less similar but points out the differences in the ground dimensions and the weather. States further that the last series here was a good learning curve for the bowlers. Ends by saying that all the bowlers enjoyed bowling here since they have come into cooler conditions from the hot ones in Australia.
  • The Kiwi bowlers were good but didn't have enough runs to play with. Ferguson and Bracewell got a wicket each but that was all about it. You cannot win a match if you have 157 on the board and not take the opposition all out. Earlier on, Shami, Kuldeep and Chahal restricted New Zealand to a paltry 157. Stay tuned for the post match presentation.
  • As easy as it gets! After some wonderful bowling, India back it up with good batting and win the first match of the series. Dhawan and Rohit played Powerplay 1 well enough. The players then had to stop play because the 'sun' was disturbing them. After they came back, Rohit fell but Kohli anchored the innings well and didn't allow the Black Caps a sniff. The Indian skipper missed out on a fifty but Dhawan went on and scored his 50 taking India to victory alongside Rayudu handing India a big 8-wicket win.
  • 34.5
    Tim Southee to A Rayudu, That will do. Length ball outside off, Rayudu taps it with soft hands to the off side and responds to Dhawan's call who makes it in time. INDIA BEAT NEW ZEALAND BY 8 WICKETS!
  • 34.4
    Tim Southee to A Rayudu, Still level! Outside off, Rayudu pushes it to point.
  • 34.3
    Tim Southee to A Rayudu, Not yet, Rayudu punches it to cover-point.
  • 34.2
    Tim Southee to A Rayudu, FOUR! Scores tied! Pitches it up outside off, Rayudu comes down the track and lofts this over covers. Boundary. Just one run away now.
  • 34.1
    Tim Southee to S Dhawan, Outside off, Dhawan pushes it to deep covers to get off strike.
  • END OF OVER 34 | 2 Runs & 0 Wkt | IND 150/2
  • 33.6
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Follows Rayudu and serves it on the leg side. Rayudu comes down the track and punches it to covers.
  • 33.5
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Bouncer! Rayudu gets away from it.
  • 33.4
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Fuller in line of the stumps, Rayudu blocks it with a straight bat.
  • 33.3
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Pushed to the cover region by Ambati.
  • 33.3
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Wide! Short ball down the leg side, Rayudu goes to pull but cannot reach it. 150 comes up with that wide. More 6 runs required.
  • 33.2
    D Bracewell to A Rayudu, Full on middle and leg, Rayudu gives it for the mid on fielder to collect.
  • 33.1
    D Bracewell to S Dhawan, Played through mid-wicket by Dhawan. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • END OF OVER 33 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | IND 148/2
  • 32.6
    L Ferguson to S Dhawan, Shikhar opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 32.5
    L Ferguson to S Dhawan, Defended off the back foot by SD.
  • 32.4
    L Ferguson to A Rayudu, Rayudu nudges this ball fine and goes for a quick run. The fielder hits the timber but Dhawan is well home.
  • 32.3
    L Ferguson to A Rayudu, Almost! Outside off, Rayudu looks to run it down but misses it. The ball goes through to the keeper. Now then, Snicko shows us that there was a spot on the bat once it passed the bat. New Zealand don't appeal, wouldn't have mattered though in the contest of the game.
  • 32.2
    L Ferguson to S Dhawan, Short ball on off, Dhawan hops and guides it to third man and gives Rayudu the strike.