NZ beat NED by 118 runs
Man of the Match - Tom Latham
50.0/50 Ovrs
34.1/50 Ovrs
Netherlands in New Zealand, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |2nd ODI |4/2/2022
Seddon Park, Hamilton
  • Right then! The series is under the belt but New Zealand will not relax as they will look for a clean sweep. The third and final ODI will be played on 4th April at 6.30 am IST (1 am GMT). But as you all know our build-up will begin in advance. Do join us for that. Cheers!
  • Tom Latham, the skipper of New Zealand is also the Player of the Match. He says that it's nice to cap it off with a win like that and It was nice to bat through the innings and set a good score. Adds that they needed to bat 50 overs, and he managed to have a couple of partnerships, with Doug Bracewell and Colin de Grandhomme. Mentions that they bowled well though. Says that they were in a bit of trouble today, but managed to pull things towards the end of the overs. States that the spinners bowled beautifully, Sodhi in the first 20 overs and Michael Bracewell towards the end. Concludes by saying that they can hopefully finish on a high note.
  • Pieter Seelaar, the skipper of Netherlands, says that they executed their plans, but the wicket was tacky, and New Zealand were fantastic. Says that they are world-class players and Latham played an absolute captain's knock. Adds that the first two wickets fell quickly, but Vikram and Bas de Leede got them to a good position, but Sodhi came in and changed everything. Informs that the mistake with three fielders inside the ring cost them. Adds that they were good at the start, but Tom just took the game away from them. Informs that they had New Zealand on the ropes, but they weren't quite up to the mark.
  • Stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Earlier in the day, if not for Latham's innings, New Zealand would have been dismissed under 150 easily but the birthday boy presented himself a gift with a match-winning century and in the end, it was enough for New Zealand to win the series. 
  • New Zealand bowlers were consistent with their line and length throughout and all the bowlers that Latham used were rewarded with a wicket at least. They had their noses upfront almost throughout the game. The stand between Vikramjit Singh and Bas de Leede was building but Colin de Grandhomme took the wicket of the former and since then, there was not much sweat thrown. The middle phase was controlled brilliantly by Ish Sodhi and Michael Bracewell who took 5 wickets together. In the end, it was a complete performance from New Zealand. 
  • Netherlands were in early trouble as both the openers fell very early. It was then the partnership of Vikramjit Singh and Bas de Leede that helped Netherlands get back on track but once Singh fell, the gates opened and wickets started tumbling. Seelaar and Rippon were the only hopes but they too perished very cheaply and ultimately, they were beaten comprehensively by the host. 
  • New Zealand win the three-match ODI series as they go 2-0 up. They had the upper hand coming into the series and they lived up to the expectation. Netherlands showed a good fight, but they were beaten by some classic bowling performance from the Kiwis. 
  • 34.1
    Ish Sodhi to Brandon Glover, OUT! CAUGHT! Ish Sodhi finishes things off! He grabs the last wicket and New Zealand have clinched the series! A shorter ball, spinning away, sharply, outside off. Brandon Glover looks to pull this, but he decides against it at the end. The ball goes off his toe end towards first slip. Ross Taylor there grabs it safely. New Zealand win by 118 runs!
  • END OF OVER 34 | 8 Runs & 1 Wkt | NED 146/9
  • Ish Sodhi is back on. 
  • 33.6
    Michael Bracewell to Brandon Glover, DROPPED! A very tough chance though! Another fuller ball, around middle. Brandon Glover lifts it over the bowler's head. Blair Tickner runs across to his right, dives, and gets to the ball but fails to grab it. It would have been a spectacular catch! Single taken!
  • 33.5
    Michael Bracewell to Brandon Glover, Fuller ball, outside off. Brandon Glover defends it out towards cover.
  • 33.4
    Michael Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, Shorter ball this time, spinning in, around middle. Fred Klaassen swivels and pulls it towards deep square leg for a single.
  • 33.3
    Michael Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, FOUR! Up and over! Slower through the air, full, around off. Fred Klaassen lifts it over mid off for a boundary. 
  • 33.2
    Michael Bracewell to Brandon Glover, Another loopy delivery, full, around middle. Brandon Glover pushes it with the inner half of his bat towards square leg for a single. 
  • 33.1
    Michael Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, Tosses it up, full, around off. Fred Klaassen drives it towards cover for a single. 
  • END OF OVER 33 | 1 Runs & 1 Wkt | NED 138/9
  • 32.6
    Kyle Jamieson to Brandon Glover, Shorter ball, around middle and leg. Brandon Glover ducks underneath it. 
  • 32.5
    Kyle Jamieson to Brandon Glover, On a length, outside off, shaping away. Brandon Glover looks to drive but he misses. 
  • Drinks! It's been an exceptional bowling performance from New Zealand. They are just one wicket away now from winning the game and clinching the series. 
  • 32.4
    Kyle Jamieson to Aryan Dutt, OUT! TIMBER! This is full and on middle, very full and lack pace as well. Dutt is too late as he looks to dig it out and the ball sneaks under his bat to rattle the stumps. 
  • 32.3
    Kyle Jamieson to Aryan Dutt, Fuller and angling on the pads. Dutt misses his flick and gets hit on the pads. An appeal but that was clearly going down.
  • 32.3
    Kyle Jamieson to Aryan Dutt, Wide! Short ball from wide of the crease and slanting on middle. Dutt evades it. 
  • 32.2
    Kyle Jamieson to Aryan Dutt, Fuller and on the pads, tucked to mid-wicket.