NZ beat NED by 115 runs
Man of the Match - Will Young
50.0/50 Ovrs
42.3/50 Ovrs
Netherlands in New Zealand, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |3rd ODI |4/4/2022
Seddon Park, Hamilton
  • That concludes the proceedings for this match and series. A pretty one-sided result, as expected, but if you have followed it closely, there were moments when the Dutch team ran the Kiwis close. It's a good learning tour for them as they sign off. It's time for us to also bid you farewell. You can keep checking the fixture page for all the upcoming games. Until we meet again, it's goodbye and cheers. 
  • 'Ross the Boss' will be missed! What a champion player and what a career! With his retirement, the golden era of New Zealand cricket truly comes to an end. A few months back we saw his last in Test cricket and here he is, putting a full stop to his international career. Certainly, one of the icons of Kiwi cricket who played a massive role as a leader and in the supporting cast to lift the fortunes of the Black Caps. If the renaissance of New Zealand cricket is credited to Brendon McCullum, one must remember Taylor's contribution, both as the captain of the ship and the star batter of the team whose career almost flew under the radar. To have a 16-year old career in this day and age, to maintain fitness and to play consistently well at the top of your power - you need stamina, tenacity, courage, gumption, desire and character, and Luteru Ross Poutoa Lote Taylor had all those qualities in bulk. The Pallekele Plunderer bids adieu to this game and we have only appreciation and gratitude. Thanks for all the memories and those tongue-poke celebrations. 
  • Ross Taylor, the man of the moment, talks for one final time as a New Zealand cricketer. He appreciates everyone who has contributed to his career. Praises the Dutch team and hopes that they play many more games against the big teams and get better. A special mention from him for the manager of the New Zealand team who is also moving on and wishes him best for his future. Rosco thanks his teammates and says that he will be watching from far how they will grow and will miss them all. He thanks his wife, parents, family and friends. Calls it a fantastic 16 years and shares that they have a massive influence on him as a cricketer and person. Lastly, an emotional Ross Taylor thanks the crowd for turning out in large numbers for this game.
  • Tom Latham, the winning captain of New Zealand, says that it's nice to finish the series off with a win. Tells that in this match, building the partnership was the key. Admits that with the ball, they weren't at their best but got the job done. Further says that the Dutch team put them under pressure on many occasions in this series and they got out of it really well. Adds that they will take positives and learnings from those games. Latham is happy with the way new players performed in the absence of the regular players and showed the depth of the squad. On Ross Taylor, Latham replies that he has been a massive servant to New Zealand cricket and it's going to be a different feeling to not have his name on the scoresheet. Further says that he appreciates every time he played with him and lauds the longevity of his successful career. Says that he loved having the Dutch team around and hopes that they will take many positives into their summer of cricket.
  • Pieter Seelaar, the Dutch skipper, says that it was a little bit disappointing, but New Zealand stepped up properly in the last game and the partnership between Guptill and Young was incredible. Mentions that they wanted to test themselves at a higher level and the idea was to see how long they can stay in the game. He wants his team to be more gutsy. Shares that the second game was special for them when they grabbed 5 quick wickets. On the knock of Stephan Myburgh, he calls it a vintage knock and is amazed at the way he signed off. Shares that they will go straight into their summer and start preparing for future assignments. Thanks the crowd for all the support.
  • Will Young is the Player of the Match and Series! Says it was tricky against the new balls, but they got off to a decent start and then carried the momentum. Mentions that Guptill played well and supported him when he was struggling and he did the same when Guptill struggled initially. Tells that it was good to get over 300 on the board. Concludes by saying that it was special to get his century with a six, and with Ross Taylor at the other end.
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  • Early in the match, New Zealand's decision to bat first turned out to be correct. Despite losing an early wicket, they batted with full control and soon gained the upper hand. The pair of Martin Guptill and Will Young stitched in a big double century stand and both the batters completed their hundreds as well. The target set by them was always going to be tough but the Netherlands didn't surrender and tried their best.
  • After the first 10 overs, the Dutch team was never in the game as they struggled to keep up with the required rate and the pressure started to mount. A few batters got starts and spent time in the middle but their knocks were of no use in the context of the chase. Tom Latham kept rotating his bowlers smartly and everyone contributed. 
  • Chasing a mammoth target, the Netherlands got off to a flying start courtesy of an incredible knock from Stephan Myburgh. They raced to 74 runs in Powerplay 1 and looked well in the hunt. That said, it was always a matter of one wicket for the Kiwis and Colin de Grandhomme provided them with that by removing Myburgh. His cunning slower ones were hard to get away with and Ish Sodhi's introduction further helped New Zealand in drying up the runs. 
  • Farewell Ross Taylor! Handshakes and hugs all around. The crowd is on its feet to applaud him. Emotional moment for Rosco as he leads the players off the park. The series is won 3-0 by the Black Caps with a thumping victory.
  • 42.3
    Matt Henry to Aryan Dutt, OUT! CAUGHT BY ROSCO! The last hand to end this match belongs to Ross Taylor. Fitting end. The crowd screams in joy. Matt Henry digs it in short, around middle, Aryan Dutt stays back to pull but does so without any timing. It lobs up to mid-wicket and Ross Taylor displays his bucket hands for one final time. Taylor smiles. New Zealand win by 115 runs!
  • 42.2
    Matt Henry to Fred Klaassen, Shout for an lbw! Henry serves it on a length around middle and leg, Fred Klaassen fails to flick and is hit on the pads. It goes down to fine leg and they cross for a leg bye.
  • 42.1
    Matt Henry to Fred Klaassen, Fuller and on off, driven down to mid off.
  • END OF OVER 42 | 3 Runs & 1 Wkt | NED 217/9
  • Huge roar from the crowd in anticipation. They want Ross Taylor to bowl. Tom Latham has brought Matt Henry in and gets boos from the crowd.
  • 41.6
    Doug Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, Shortish and on off, Fred Klaassen runs it down to third man and takes a single.
  • 41.6
    Doug Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, Wide! Doug Bracewell goes for pace but hurls a length ball down the leg side, Fred Klaassen tries to buy easy runs off his pads but fails to get any bat behind it.
  • 41.5
    Doug Bracewell to Fred Klaassen, Full and on middle, angling in, Fred Klaassen turns inside the crease and defends it to short mid-wicket.
  • Fred Klaassen is the last batter in. 
  • 41.4
    Doug Bracewell to Clayton Floyd, OUT! Clattered! A pinpoint yorker, around off and at 108 clicks. It's too good for Clayton Floyd. He tries to dig it out but plays down the wrong line. The ball beats the outside edge as it arrives late and then goes on to tickle the off stump. New Zealand are only one away from 3-0!
  • 41.3
    Doug Bracewell to Clayton Floyd, Too full in length, on middle at 127 kph, it's kept out safely to short mid-wicket.
  • 41.2
    Doug Bracewell to Clayton Floyd, Full and around off, angling in, Clayton Floyd pushes it down to mid on.
  • 41.1
    Doug Bracewell to Aryan Dutt, Bracewell runs in hard but bowls a slower one, full and on middle, Dutt flicks it a bit aerially but wide of square leg. A single is taken.
  • END OF OVER 41 | 1 Runs & 0 Wkt | NED 214/8