AUS beat PAK by 88 runs
Man of the Match - Travis Head
50.0/50 Ovrs
45.2/50 Ovrs
Australia in Pakistan, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |1st ODI |3/29/2022
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
  • That's a wrap to this game. It will be a quick turnaround for the next ODI, after a break of just one day. On Thursday, 31st March 2022, these two teams will collide again in Lahore at 3.30 am IST (10 am GMT). You can tune in early for the build-up. Until then, it's goodbye and cheers!
  • Aaron Finch, the victorious skipper, says that they were looking to score somewhere around 300 and eventually they got it in the end. Adds that Travis Head got off to a flier and that helped them. Tells that Pakistan bowled well in the middle overs and at the backend as well. Feels that it was very hard to bowl with the wet ball but the bowlers managed it really well. Says that the batters who are set need to ensure that they cash in and score big.
  • Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, says that they conceded too many runs at the start and although they made a comeback, they ended up giving a few runs extra. He considers his wicket as the turning point and says that when you lose back-to-back wickets in a chase, it becomes tough. Mentions that they gave opportunities to Mohammad Wasim and Zahid Mahmood and they did a reasonable job, although the execution of plans with the ball could have been better. Tells that they will sit down and discuss their mistakes and hopes that they don't repeat the same. 
  • Travis Head (101 off 72 balls, 2 for 35) is the unanimous choice for the Player of the Match. Says that he wanted to make full use of his opportunity while batting at the top and he is glad that it came off. Adds that they were aware of the dew and hence, they wanted to get as many runs as possible. Mentions that he has been working hard on his bowling and it feels nice to get some wickets.
  • Umpire Aleem Dar, who has officiated in over 500 international games now, is presented with a special memento. He accepts with a smile on his face.
  • Stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Adam Zampa (10-0-38-4) says that the batters set the game nicely for them. Adds that there was a bit of dew but they bowled well. Tells that they do a lot of research on the opposition and he is glad that his plan worked in this game. Mentions that the ball was coming onto the bat nicely but there was also some spin on offer. Applauds Travis Head by saying that he is very happy for Head and it was a match-winning knock from the southpaw.
  • It's a great match for Adam Zampa. The leggie bowled with great control and guile, mixing his lengths and pace judiciously and picked up four wickets in the match. His partner Mitchell Swepson also contributed two wickets and another man who picked up two wickets was Travis Head who didn't put a single step wrong on the field. Here is Adam Zampa giving a quick interview... 
  • Australia's bowling was as professional as their batting, one can say. They maintained good pressure in Powerplay 1 and even when Babar and Imam were amidst a partnership, the Aussies hung in there, looking to dry out the runs and create opportunities. Mitchell Swepson's maiden ODI wicket was of Babar Azam and that opened one end for the touring team. The wickets started to tumble at regular intervals and Imam kept losing partners. The required rate started to mount pressure and then there was a brief period when Imam upped his strike rate and found a few boundaries. However, soon after completing his hundred, he was cleaned up by Nathan Ellis, yet another debutant and that was that for Pakistan. 
  • When Australia were batting, at one stage, a score around 350 looked certain. But they lost the plot after the 30th over, and everyone thought that they left a few runs out there in the field. A target of 314 though was always going to be challenging on any surface and in any conditions as you always have to bat by keeping the required rate in mind. Losing Fakhar Zaman early was a big setback for Pakistan but the stand between Imam-ul-Haq and Babar Azam kept their chances afloat with a 96-run stand. 
  • A commanding victory for Australia and they have taken an early lead in the ODI series along with crucial 10 points for the ICC World Cup Super League. It was a neat and perfect performance from a new-look Australian unit, short on experience but not on quality. Almost all the players, who don't get opportunities in the first-choice team, approached this game with open arms and displayed the depth of the squad. Travis Head's scintillating hundred set the tone, Ben McDermott navigated the middle phase with his refreshing approach and then Cameron Green provided the late flourish. Australia will be immensely pleased and satisfied with the work of the batting group. 
  • 45.2
    Mitchell Swepson to Haris Rauf, OUT! CAUGHT! That is it! The debutant, Mitchell Swepson gets the last wicket and Pakistan are bowled out for 225! A loopy full toss, on middle. Rauf comes down the track and looks to clear long on. He does not time it well though and the ball goes high in the air. Cameron Green is there in the deep and takes a simple catch without moving an inch. Australia win by 88 runs!
  • 45.1
    Mitchell Swepson to Haris Rauf, Play and a miss! Tossed up, outside off. Haris Rauf looks to slog-sweep but he fails to make any connection.
  • END OF OVER 45 | 6 Runs & 0 Wkt | PAK 225/9
  • 44.6
    Nathan Ellis to Zahid Mahmood, A slower ball, on a length, around off. Zahid Mahmood dabs it onto the deck.
  • 44.5
    Nathan Ellis to Zahid Mahmood, Short of a length, around off. Zahid Mahmood keeps it out.
  • 44.4
    Nathan Ellis to Haris Rauf, Shorter in length, outside off. Haris Rauf throws his bat at it. It goes off the outer half towards deep cover for one run.
  • 44.3
    Nathan Ellis to Haris Rauf, Ellis hits the deck hard, around off. Haris Rauf looks to heave it away but it goes off the top edge and lands safely wide of the mid off fielder.
  • 44.3
    Nathan Ellis to Haris Rauf, No ball! A beamer, way down leg. Rauf does not offer any shot to it. The umpire calls it no ball for height. Free Hit to follow.
  • 44.2
    Nathan Ellis to Haris Rauf, FOUR! WHACKED! That is a shot and a half from Rauf! On a length, around middle. Rauf sits back and smashes it back past the bowler through mid on and it races away to the fence.
  • 44.1
    Nathan Ellis to Haris Rauf, Back of a length, around off. Rauf covers the line of the ball and blocks it.
  • END OF OVER 44 | 2 Runs & 1 Wkt | PAK 219/9
  • 43.6
    Adam Zampa to Zahid Mahmood, A yorker, around off. Zahid Mahmood digs it out.
  • 43.6
    Adam Zampa to Zahid Mahmood, Wide! This is a wayward ball, down leg. Mahmood misses his flick. Wided!
  • 43.5
    Adam Zampa to Haris Rauf, Full and outside off. Rauf drills it to long off for a run.