AUS beat PAK by 115 runs
Man of the Match - Pat Cummins
& 227-3
Australia in Pakistan, 3 Test Series, 2022 |3rd Test |3/21/2022
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
  • Pat Cummins is handed over the trophy and he celebrates the victory along with his teammates. Right then! That is it from this exuberant Test series! Australia has all the momentum as we now move to white-ball cricket. The three-match ODI series will begin on Tuesday, 29th March with the first ball to be bowled at 3:30 pm IST (10:00 am GMT). But as usual, the build-up will begin much earlier. Do join us for the same. Till then, it is goodbye from this side.
  • Pat Cummins, the skipper of Australia is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for picking up a total of 8 wickets in the Test match. He says that it was fantastic the way they batted in the first innings and put themselves ahead in the game, and he thought 350 was a good enough target on this wicket. Mentions that the initial wickets were tough to get but once the ball was old and it started reversing it got better to take wickets. Adds that he is really happy with everyone's performance, and he is happy for Swepson as well, who was a key bowler for them. Concludes by saying that they have been well received in Pakistan and it has been a wonderful experience.
  • Babar Azam, the skipper of Pakistan, says that it was a great series. Adds that his side gave a good fight and they were not good in the last two sessions on Day 5. Tells that they lost back-to-back wickets in the second session and that cost them. Mentions that they showed great character in the first two Tests but failed to get over the line in Lahore. He applauds the Australia team for the win and also thanks them for coming over to Pakistan after 24 years.
  • Usman Khawaja is the PLAYER OF THE SERIES for scoring 496 runs across three Tests! He says that they had a lot of fun playing in Pakistan, and he thanks all the Pakistan fans for showing all the support, he says that they have come a long way to play in Pakistan and it was fun. Mentions that they had a target of 350 in mind, but it was tough once the ball started reversing a bit, however, he was confident. Concludes by saying that he felt that hundred in the last inning was one of the hardest hundreds he has got.
  • Pakistan conceded 391 runs with the ball in the first innings but their batters got them off to a great start as well. Abdullah Shafique, Azhar Ali and Babar Azam made some vital contributions but they completely fell apart when Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc had their tail up with a relatively old ball. They lost wickets in quick succession and conceded a lead of 123 runs in the first innings. In the end, they were set a target of 351 and they did start well on Day 4, thanks to their openers, Abdullah Shafique and Imam-ul-Haq. However, apart from Babar Azam and Imam-ul-Haq, none of their batters managed to get in and score big and that cost them. Mohammad Rizwan didn't review when he was adjudged LBW and had he sent it upstairs, things could have been different for Pakistan. But having said that, Australia was just too good for Pakistan in this Test and they deserved to win this Test as well as the series.
  • Australia have dominated this Test match and they have justified their decision of declaring earlier on Day 4. It was a combined effort from their batting department which set the tone for them in the first innings. Although, they were under the pump with the ball in the first innings, as Pakistan was cruising along at 248/3. But the duo of Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins came roaring back and ensured that Australia get a handy lead in the first innings. Pakistan lost 7 wickets for just 20 runs and that proved to be the turning point in this Test. The Aussies piled on more runs with the bat in the second innings and it was Usman Khawaja who brought up his second century of the Test series. Australia set a target of 351 for Pakistan and their bowlers gave it their all on Day 5. The GOAT, Nathan Lyon grabbed a five-fer, which also included the prized scalp of Babar Azam. It was Pat Cummins who wrapped things up for his side and he finished with three wickets to his name.
  • WOW! What an end to this enthralling Test series. Australia are touring Pakistan after 24 long years, and they won the Benaud-Qadir Trophy 1-0. After a couple of draws at Rawalpindi and Karachi, Australia has managed to come out on top in Lahore. They have completely outclassed the hosts and the No.1 ranked Test side thoroughly deserves to win this three-match series. Pakistan would be proud of the way they played throughout the series but disappointed at the end of this game as their openers toiled hard on Day 4 but they never looked like chasing down the target after losing Abdullah Shafique early on in the first session on Day 5.
  • 92.1
    Pat Cummins to Naseem Shah, OUT! CLEANED HIM UP! AUSTRALIA HAVE WON IN PAKISTAN! Pat Cummins brings himself into the attack and finishes things off in style! We finally have a result after 15 hard days of intense Test cricket. Coming to the ball - This was on a length, around middle, a straight delivery. Naseem Shah stays in the crease and looks to defend this but he misses and the ball goes on to shatter the stumps. Australia win by 115 runs! 
  • END OF OVER 92 | 1 Runs & 1 Wkt | PAK 235/9
  • Pat Cummins (15-6-23-2) brings himself into the attack.
  • 91.6
    Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, On the pads, full in length. Nauman Ali works it away towards David Warner at short leg who collects the ball on the bounce. 
  • 91.5
    Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, Spinning in, around middle. Nauman Ali hangs back and blocks it out.
  • 91.4
    Nathan Lyon to Nauman Ali, Loopy ball, around the leg pole. Nauman Ali defends it just away from the fielder at short leg. 
  • 91.3
    Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, Outside off, full, loopy delivery. Naseem Shah leans to block this, but the ball goes off the outside edge away from Steven Smith at first slip and towards third man. Single taken! 
  • 91.2
    Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, An appeal for LBW, but the umpire says no! A fuller ball, spinning in, around middle. Naseem Shah stays in the crease and looks to block this but the ball goes off the inside edge onto his pads. 
  • 91.1
    Nathan Lyon to Naseem Shah, Spinning in, shorter ball, around off. Naseem Shah defends it out off the back foot. 
  • END OF OVER 91 | 2 Runs & 0 Wkt | PAK 234/9
  • 90.6
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Tad shorter, on middle. Nauman Ali defends it back to the bowler. 
  • 90.5
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Loopy ball, outside off, full in length. Nauman Ali blocks it out. 
  • 90.4
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Outside off, full in length. Nauman Ali leans and drives it towards cover. 
  • 90.3
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Fuller, outside off. Nauman Ali defends it out.
  • 90.2
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Two byes! Lovely delivery! That has missed everything! A loopy ball, spinning in, outside off. Nauman Ali leans to defend but he gets beaten on the inside edge. The ball goes over the middle pole and Alex Carey fails to grab the ball as well. It rolls behind towards fine leg and the batters steal in two byes!
  • 90.1
    Mitchell Swepson to Nauman Ali, Shorter ball, spinning in, outside off. Nauman Ali defends it out. 
  • END OF OVER 90 | 0 Runs & 1 Wkt | PAK 232/9