PAK beat WI by 53 runs (D/L method)
Man of the Match - Shadab Khan
48.0/48 Ovrs
37.2/48 Ovrs
West Indies in Pakistan, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |3rd ODI |6/12/2022
Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan
  • Right then. That's it from the coverage of this game and also the series. Babar Azam is handed the trophy, who is soon robbed by the rest of the pack. The team surrounds the trophy and pose for a picture. The celebrations have begun at Multan. At the end of the series, the hosts are placed fourth in the Super League standings, while West Indies remain on the fifth position. Pakistan have a handy break before they face Netherlands in their next series in August. West Indies, on the other hand, have an upcoming home series against Bangladesh which starts on 16th June. Although, there is plenty of cricketing action happening around. Until next time, take care and good bye! 
  • Babar Azam, the victorious skipper is in for a chat. He says they executed the plan well and the results are coming their way. Adds that as a team, he felt the second ODI was their best win as they played as a team. Adds that Nawaz played really well and it was really vital, so that was his best performance. Shares that they tried the bench and played some experienced players as well, so, as a group, they are going forward. Mentions that improvement is needed every time and hopes to rectify the mistakes. On his form, he says he just tries to play positive cricket. He tries to play according to the conditions and wicket. He thanks the Multan crowd in the end. 
  • Nicholas Pooran, the skipper of West Indies says the last two games were really disappointing. Mentions they learned a lot from this series. Adds, Hosein always keeps on telling us he is a batsman and he displayed it for all. Says, he is really proud of the guys for the way they have taken up such talent. Pooran ends by thanking the fans for their wonderful support over the last three games.
  • Imam-ul-Haq wins the MAN OF THE SERIES award for his consistent performances with the blade over the series. He says, he has been working on skills and such consistent performances only helps his confidence. Mentions the rapport with Azam helps a lot when the two are at the crease together. Ends by saying run outs are a part of the game but it was Azam's fault. 
  • Shadab Khan wins the MAN OF THE MATCH award for his all-round performance. He starts by thanking the almighty. Mentions he is really happy to perform for his side both with the bat and ball, especially after coming in from an injury. Further adds he does not feel he was great with the ball but is glad to walk away with wickets. 
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  • Earlier, Pakistan started well with the blade with Imam-ul-Haq scoring a half-century. It was all going well for them until, they started losing wickets at regular intervals after the first wicket stand was broke. They were teetering at 117/5 at one stage. Shadab Khan's incredible knock of 86 added some impetus to the scoreboard. If not for him, Pakistan would have been out of this game quite early on. Nicholas Pooran was the surprise package with 4 wickets but West Indies lost it at the death.
  • An excellent effort with the ball by Pakistan. Shahnawaz Dahani was the one to draw the first blood, also his first ODI wicket. The pacers did really well up top to kill the pace of the West Indies innings. In the middle overs, the spinners took advantage of the wicket and flourised with wickets at regular intervals. Shadab Khan was the star with the ball with his four-wicket haul. Every bowler chipped in with a wicket and a complete team performance gets them over the line convincingly. Earlier it was some good opening stand and some excellent finish from Shadab Khan helped them reach to a par score. It turned out to be enough as the bowlers did the job. 
  • A bad day at the office for West Indies overall! The visitors started briskly with the blade. Even after losing Kyle Mayers early on, Brooks and Hope stabled the ship with their stand which brought hope back across the West Indies camp but it was not to be. The pair was sent back in a jiffy and since then Pakistan looked to be in the driving seat. Keacy Carty looked the brightest in the middle order for the men in maroon. Akeal Hosein's knock of 60 was a crucial one. He showed his side the light at the end of the tunnel but could not take them all the way. It looked like no batter is comfortable to spend time on the crease for West Indies and that took the game away from them. 
  • Pakistan completes the whitewash and the crowd is up on their feet here in Multan. They dominated the proceedings with the ball, especially the spinners, and got over the line eventually. West Indies needed less than a run a ball but the lack of wickets in hand proved to be costly.  
  • 37.2
    Hasan Ali to Romario Shepherd, OUT! CAUGHT! Ali takes the last wicket! What a comprehensive win for the hosts! This is full and around off, in the slot. Shepherd looks to go downtown but is a touch late to his shot and fails to clear the long on fielder. Babar Azam there takes it with ease and Pakistan win the series 3-0. They win by 53 runs. 
  • 37.1
    Hasan Ali to Romario Shepherd, A length ball on middle. Shepherd inner edges his push to square leg. He does not rotate the strike.
  • END OF OVER 37 | 0 Runs & 1 Wkt | WI 216/9
  • 36.6
    Shadab Khan to Jayden Seales, Tossed up on off. Seales dead bats it.
  • 36.5
    Shadab Khan to Jayden Seales, Floated ball, around off. Seales looks to flick it but misses and gets hit on the pads. Sliding down.
  • Jayden Seales is the last man in.
  • 36.4
    Shadab Khan to Hayden Walsh, OUT! LBW! Khan gets his fourth wicket now! A proper leg-spinners delivery this! Full ball, landing around off and spinning in sharply. Walsh leans across to defend but misses and gets hit on the pads. An appeal for LBW and up goes the finger. Looked plumb but Hayden Walsh takes the review. UltraEdge shows no bat there. Ball Tracking shows impact is umpire's call although the wickets are hitting and that means the on-field decision stays. 
  • 36.3
    Shadab Khan to Hayden Walsh, A googly, full and outside off. Walsh looks to drive but misses.
  • 36.2
    Shadab Khan to Hayden Walsh, Tossed up, on middle, turning away from Walsh who leans to tuck it away but misses and gets hit on the pads. An appeal but was going down.
  • 36.1
    Shadab Khan to Hayden Walsh, On the pads, flicked to mid-wicket.
  • END OF OVER 36 | 10 Runs & 0 Wkt | WI 216/8
  • 35.6
    Mohammad Nawaz to Hayden Walsh, Leg bye! Tossed up, full and around off, turning in. Walsh prods to defend but misses and gets hit on the pads. It rolls to point for a leg bye. 54 needed now.
  • 35.5
    Mohammad Nawaz to Romario Shepherd, Shorter and outside off, cut to deep point for a single.
  • 35.4
    Mohammad Nawaz to Hayden Walsh, Too full and on middle. Walsh hits it back to Nawaz who fails to stop it and parries it behind for a single.
  • 35.3
    Mohammad Nawaz to Romario Shepherd, Flatter now, on middle, tucked to square leg for a single.