Gujarat Titans WON
Gujarat Titans beat Punjab Kings by 6 wickets
Man of the Match - Shubman Gill
Punjab Kings
20.0/20 Ovrs
20.0/20 Ovrs
Gujarat Titans
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 16 |4/8/2022
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
  • Right then! That is it from the coverage of this game! The action from the Indian T20 League doesn't stop here, as we have a double-header coming up on Saturday, 9th April. Chennai will take on Hyderabad in the first game of the day. This clash will begin at 3.30 pm IST (10 am GMT). The second game of the day is between Mumbai and Bangalore which will commence at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT) and we are in for a cracker of a weekend. As you know, our build-up will begin much earlier for both the games, so make sure you tune in early. Until then, cheers and goodbye!
  • Shubman Gill wins the Man of the Match award for his incredible batting effort. He starts by saying he managed to keep hitting the gaps and wanted the scoreboard ticking. Mentions he isn’t doing anything different. Says, it is just one of those days when the ball went through the gap throughout his innings. Mentions, this is something that he focuses on in the nets, on how to minimize the dot balls.
  • Hardik Pandya, the victorious skipper, is in for a chat. He says these kinds of ups and downs happen in the game. He feels that he has become neutral to such situations. Praises the effort of Rahul Tewatia who just faced three balls to get them over the line. Applauds Gill by saying that he is showing a lot of maturity. Says, a lot credit also goes to Sai Sudharsan for stitching a solid stand with Gill in the middle. Mentions, he looks to be in a better shape and hopes he keeps getting better with each game.
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  • The man of the moment, Rahul Tewatia is up for a quick chat. He says that he had no time to think and just had to hit sixes. Says that he knew that Odean Smith will be looking to bowl it outside off stump and that is the reason he shuffled across to hit the ball. Mentions that the atmosphere in the dressing room is pretty relaxed and they have a very good support staff.
  • Mayank Agarwal, the skipper of Punjab, is in for a chat. He says that it was a tough game for them. Adds that they were 5-10 runs short with the bat. Tells that they did really well to get to 189 after losing wickets in a cluster in the middle overs. Mentions that Kagiso Rabada and Arshdeep Singh did a fantastic job in the end overs. Says that Odean Smith had a bad day but he has full backing of his team.
  • Punjab never gave up! They fought till the very end, which turned this encounter into a nail-biter. The bowler were taken to the cleaners by Gill. The second wicket stand of 101 runs proved to be ominous for them. It was Chahar who came back to break the deadly partnership. In the death overs, Punjab bowlers came back to life and added some pressure with the new batter at the crease. Arshdeep Singh and Kagiso Rabada certainly got them back in the game. As you know, the game of cricket can be a cruel one and that's what Odean Smith had to face today. He failed to defend 19 runs in the final over but his team-mates supported him really well after the game. 
  • So, Gujarat still the team to beat this season. It’s three in three for them. All points in the bag until now. Even after losing Wade pretty early on, it was Shubman Gill who rose to the occasion and maintained superb control over one end. Gill started his innings with two consecutive boundaries, he played the same way throughout. In his whole innings of 96 runs, only once did he play a weak shot, while rest of them were right on the money. Sai Sudharsan did not came across as a player making a debut in this league. He looked flawless with the blade in his hand. He could not continue at a brisk rate and perished eventually. Hardik came into the crease with Gill still going on. Gujarat needed 32 from 12 balls. But then Gujarat lost both of them in 7 deliveries. It was the heroics of Rahul Tewatia which made them to get over the line.  
  • Down to the wire and RAHUL TEWATIA keeps his calm. That’s it! There is not much to right about this lad. What temperament Tewatia has. 12 runs were needed off the last two deliveries and Tewatia hits both of them out of the park to extend his side’s winning run in the competition. Agony for Punjab, while Gujarat are ecstatic at the moment.
  • 19.6
    Odean Smith to Rahul Tewatia, SIX! BOOM! TEWATIA, YOU BEAUTY! He has done it! The game is not over until that man, Tewatia is at the crease they say, and he proves everyone right. A length ball, outside off. Tewatia shuffles across and smokes it way over the long on region for a biggie. Gujarat win by 6 wickets!
  • 19.5
    Odean Smith to Rahul Tewatia, SIX! BANG! TEWATIA BELIEVES! On a length, outside off. Rahul Tewatia shuffles across and smacks it just over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a maximum.
  • 19.4
    Odean Smith to David Miller, Smith misses his shy at his end and the batters take a run. A length ball, well outside off. Miller drags it back to the bowler. Smith collects it cleanly but fails to score a direct hit at the non-striker's end.
  • 19.3
    Odean Smith to David Miller, FOUR! WHACKED! A length ball, around leg. Miller sits back and heaves it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.
  • 19.2
    Odean Smith to Rahul Tewatia, A full ball, outside off. Rahul Tewatia drives it to deep cover for a single. 17 runs needed off 4 balls.
  • 19.1
    Odean Smith to David Miller, OUT! RUN OUT! Oh, dear! Absolute chaos in the middle and it is Gujarat's skipper who walks back to the hut. A length ball, outside off. Miller throws his bat at it but he misses. Jonny Bairstow behind the sticks collects the ball cleanly and underarms it towards the stumps at his end as Hardik Pandya was looking to steal a bye. He falls well short of his crease and Pandya is a goner!
  • Rahul Tewatia is the new batter in.
  • 19.1
    Odean Smith to David Miller, Wide! A length ball, angling across the batter, from well outside off. David Miller lets it be. Wide called.
  • END OF OVER 19 | 13 Runs & 1 Wkt | Gujarat Titans 171/3
  • Odean Smith to bowl the final over. 19 needed off 6 balls. The new batter, David Miller on strike. Will Odean Smith be able to defend the target?
  • 18.6
    Kagiso Rabada to David Miller, A full ball, well outside off. Miller drags it towards long off for a single. 19 runs needed off 6 balls. This game is going down to the wire. Fasten your seatbelts, folks.
  • David Miller is the new man in.
  • 18.5
    Kagiso Rabada to Shubman Gill, OUT! CAUGHT! Gill holes out and this is a big wicket in the context of this game. A juicy full toss, outside off. Shubman Gill looks to slap it through the off side but he fails to middle it. It goes off the outer half of the blade towards Mayank Agarwal at extra cover who takes a sitter. End of a brilliant innings from Gill but he is absolutely gutted with himself. A crucial wicket for Punjab. GAME ON!
  • 18.4
    Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, A yorker-length ball, outside off. Pandya squeezes it out towards deep backward point for a single.
  • 18.3
    Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! AND AGAIN! Rabada misses his mark and serves a low full toss, outside off. Pandya caresses it wide of the long off fielder for another boundary.
  • 18.2
    Kagiso Rabada to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! A low full toss, around off. Pandya whacks it through the deep mid-wicket region for a boundary. One hand comes off the bat and hence the ball does not go all the way.