SRH beat Punjab Kings by 7 wickets
Man of the Match - Umran Malik
Punjab Kings
20.0/20 Ovrs
18.5/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 28 |4/17/2022
Dr. DY Patil Sports Academy, Navi Mumbai
  • That is all we have from this game. The second match of the Super Sunday between Chennai and Gujarat is about to begin. So, you can switch the tabs and join us there. From here, it is goodbye!
  • Umran Malik is the Player of the Match for his outstanding performance. His figures were 4-1-28-4. 
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar is down for a chat. He says that he saw there was not much swing but he planned accordingly and took the wicket. Adds that he tries to bowl to the batter's weakness or to the field and use some variation. On Malik, he says it gives joy and it scares batters.
  • Shikhar Dhawan the skipper of Punjab, says that Mayank is feeling fine and will be ready for the next match. He feels that they were a few runs short and lost too many wickets at the start and then they had to mold the game according to the situation. Tells that Livingstone and Khan played brilliantly and informs that the wicket had extra bounce but they were a bit late to adjust to the pitch. Mentions they will talk about having a good start and hopes to improve on that.
  • Hyderabad did lose their skipper early, but that did not hurt them much. Rahul Tripathi and Abhishek Sharma steadied the ship and started scoring runs at a decent rate. But both of the batters failed to convert their starts and perished in the middle overs. Aiden Markram and Nicholas Pooran put together 75 runs and guided their side home. The asking rate was never an issue for them, and even though boundaries were not flowing, they made sure to keep the scoreboard ticking. Eventually, they won the game by 7 wickets and with 7 balls to spare. 
  • Punjab got off to a great start by getting rid of Kane Williamson. But they failed to capitalize on that, and let Hyderabad get away with two partnerships. We can't really blame the bowlers here, they did not have much to fight with. Rahul Chahar did well though, he grabbed 2 wickets and was relatively economical as well. Punjab would be disappointed with their batting, considering the power-hitters they have in their ranks. 
  • Another convincing victory for Hyderabad! There is no stopping the Men in Orange at the moment! They have got over the line once again, and with this, they have won their fourth consecutive game, and they continue to march on. They have grabbed a total of 8 points now and have entered the top-4 in the points table!  
  • 18.5
    Vaibhav Arora to Aiden Markram, SIX! Aiden Markram hits the winning runs! Full again, on off. Markram hangs back and hammers it over long off for a biggie. Hyderabad win by 7 wickets. 
  • 18.4
    Vaibhav Arora to Aiden Markram, FOUR! Just 6 needed now! A full ball, outside off. Markram gets underneath and smashes it over covers for a boundary. Right from the middle of the blade.
  • 18.3
    Vaibhav Arora to Nicholas Pooran, Fullish and outside off. Pooran hits it hard and to long off for a single.
  • 18.2
    Vaibhav Arora to Aiden Markram, A full toss, angling on leg. Markram makes room and tucks it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 18.1
    Vaibhav Arora to Nicholas Pooran, Leg bye! A length ball, angling around off. Pooran misses his whip and gets hit on the pads. An appeal for LBW but that was pitching outside leg. A leg bye.
  • END OF OVER 18 | 8 Runs & 0 Wkt | SRH 139/3
  • Vaibhav Arora comes back to bowl.   
  • 17.6
    Arshdeep Singh to Nicholas Pooran, Full and on the pads, flicked to deep mid-wicket for a single.  
  • 17.5
    Arshdeep Singh to Nicholas Pooran, FOUR! Full again but the line is outside off which gives Pooran to carve this through point for a boundary. A little bit of mistake and it results in a boundary. 
  • 17.4
    Arshdeep Singh to Nicholas Pooran, Bangs a bouncer, on middle. Pooran leaves it.
  • 17.3
    Arshdeep Singh to Nicholas Pooran, Superb running yet again! A yorker, on middle. Pooran squeezes it out to deep square leg. Markram calls for two and made sure he reaches his ground as the throw was to his end. 
  • 17.2
    Arshdeep Singh to Nicholas Pooran, Short ball, outside off. Pooran hits it back to Singh who does well to get his hand on it and stop it. Was hit hard and that might stink later. 
  • 17.1
    Arshdeep Singh to Aiden Markram, A low full toss, angling on middle, pushed to long off for a single.
  • END OF OVER 17 | 10 Runs & 0 Wkt | SRH 131/3
  • 16.6
    Kagiso Rabada to Nicholas Pooran, Length ball, around off. Pooran prods and taps it to point. 10 off the over. 21 needed now off 18 balls. 
  • 16.5
    Kagiso Rabada to Aiden Markram, Short again, this time pulled to long on for one.
  • 16.4
    Kagiso Rabada to Aiden Markram, FOUR! Short and outside off. Markram stands tall and slaps it to the left of long off. Khan reaches to it but fails to keep it away from the ropes.
  • 16.3
    Kagiso Rabada to Aiden Markram, Two again! These two have been excellent in running! A length ball, outside off. Markram slaps it to deep cover for a brace.