RR beat CSK by 7 wickets
Man of the Match - Ruturaj Gaikwad
20.0/20 Ovrs
17.3/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2021 |Match 47 |10/2/2021
Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
  • Right then! That's all from this game! Rajasthan are alive in the tournament while Chennai suffer their first loss in the UAE leg. Sunday brings us another double-header and it will start with the clash between Bangalore and Punjab at 2 pm local (10 am GMT). It will be followed with the clash between Kolkata and Hyderabad which will begin at 6 pm local (2 pm GMT). Do join us then. Cheers and take care. 
  • Ruturaj Gaikwad, the Man of the Match, says that to start off, it was a slow wicket and a little damp but it got better and it was important for one batsman to stay till the end. Goes onto say that he is just working on timing the ball really well and maintaining his shape. Says that right from starting playing cricket, he has come across many coaches who has told him that he has good timing. Says that he thinks he would say his selection in the Chennai team in 2019 was really helpful and he got to learn a lot and it was one thing that really helped him. States that it was a dream to score a century and his aim was to get to a total around 170. Says that he likes being the highest run-scorer but it would have been better if the team had won.
  • Sanju Samson, the winning skipper, says that they are aware of their batting line-up and it is really strong. Tells that they have players who can win games single-handedly. States that he is happy that he guessed it right at the toss. States that the openers have been giving them good starts but the middle order was struggling. Says that Jaiswal will make it big and he hits it big. Goes onto say that they have been discussing about Shivam Dube and they felt that it might be Dube's day and he is very happy for Dube. Says that Gaikwad batted really and he played cricketing shots. Says that Gaikwad scored a fine century. Tells that they are not thinking too far ahead.
  • Shivam Dube is up for a quick chat. He says that they had a good start and he just had to go with a good strike rate. Tells that the coach told him to go with a higher strike rate and he thanks him for that. Adds that he needs to try and hit the ball well and hopes he continues to help his team. Tells that the pitch was a bit sticky in the first innings and after that, it was perfect to bat on. Says that the team is high on confidence right now.
  • MS Dhoni, the losing skipper is up for a chat. Says that it was a bad toss to lose. Says their batters played really well and they had a good start in the Powerplay. Adds that their thought was to take the game till the end but they played really well. Adds that their spinners bowled well. Appreciates the knock of Gaikwad and says sometimes this type of knock goes under the carpet when your team loses. Adds that they assessed quickly and batted accordingly. Adds that the wicket changed in the second innings and their batters went for a big shot from starting. Adds that in a tournament like this you have to forget this type of game but also learn from it.
  • Earlier in the game, Ruturaj Gaikwad's century helped Chennai reach 189. He was superb as he started slowly and just when it was time to attack, he upped the ante. He was well supported by Faf du Plessis, Moeen Ali and Ravindra Jadeja. Rajasthan had a tough game with the ball but they made it up with the bat as they chased down the target. Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony!!!
  • Chennai's bowling did not turn up in this game! They were taken apart by the Rajasthan batsmen and they need to bounce back in the next game. Deepak Chahar was sorely missed. Josh Hazlewood took a beating while Sam Curran too did not have a good game. The spinners bowled a few overs and in whatever they bowled, they were taken apart. Shardul Thakur was the only one who had decent figures. Overall, it was a performance to forget for Chennai with the ball.
  • Rajasthan started off with a bang! Yashasvi Jaiswal came out like a man on a mission and scored a fifty in just 19 balls. Evin Lewis too showed that he can hit a long ball and Rajasthan reached over 70 inside 5 overs. They lost Lewis and Jaiswal but Dube continued the good work as he kept the attack going. Samson played the role of an anchor to perfection. Samson fell but the job was done by then as Phillips too had his share of fun. In the end, they chased down the total comfortably and have also improved their net run rate. 
  • This has been a chase of the ages from Rajasthan! Spare a thought for Ruturaj Gaikwad! He played a scintillating knock but was outdone by some outrageous hitting from Rajasthan and Rajasthan stay alive in the tournament. Chennai lose their first game in the second leg and this was a hammering.
  • 17.3
    Moeen Ali to Glenn Phillips, That is it! Rajasthan win the match quite comprehensively by 7 wickets! Flatter ball, outside off. Glenn Phillips punches it towards sweeper cover and takes the winning run.
  • 17.2
    Moeen Ali to Shivam Dube, Tossed up, on off. Shivam Dube eases it down to long off for a single. Rajasthan are just 1 run away from a win now!
  • There is a slight halt in play as KM Asif has injured himself and is down on the ground. He seems to be suffering from cramps. The physio is out there to have a look at him. He is going off and Moeen Ali will finish it off for him.
  • 17.1
    KM Asif to Shivam Dube, Fuller in length, around off. Shivam Dube lifts it over the bowler's head for a couple of runs.
  • END OF OVER 17 | 16 Runs & 0 Wkt | RR 186/3
  • KM Asif is back into the attack.
  • 16.6
    Sam Curran to Glenn Phillips, SIX! WOW! That made a cracking sound off the bat! Curran bangs into the deck, around off. Glenn Phillips stays back and pulls him in front of square for a maximum! Just 4 runs needed now!
  • 16.5
    Sam Curran to Shivam Dube, Slower ball, shorter in length, around leg. Shivam Dube makes room on the off side and eases it to long on for a run.
  • 16.4
    Sam Curran to Glenn Phillips, Slower ball, on a length, outside off. Glenn Phillips pushes it to sweeper cover for one.
  • 16.3
    Sam Curran to Glenn Phillips, Length ball, on of. Glenn Phillips slices it past point for a couple.
  • 16.2
    Sam Curran to Glenn Phillips, FOUR! WHACKED! Back of a length, around off. Glenn Phillips thrashes it hard through extra covers for a boundary.
  • 16.2
    Sam Curran to Glenn Phillips, NO BALL! Oh, my word! What was that, Sam Curran? He runs in and tries to bowl a slower ball but it slips out of his hand. It ends up a full toss which is way down leg, outside the pitch, almost to short fine leg. Glenn Phillips funnily goes after it to hit it. A Free Hit will follow.
  • 16.1
    Sam Curran to Shivam Dube, Good-length ball, on middle. Shivam Dube tucks it to the leg side for a run.
  • END OF OVER 16 | 5 Runs & 1 Wkt | RR 170/3
  • 15.6
    Shardul Thakur to Glenn Phillips, Back of a length, outside off. Glenn Phillips hits it well but the point fielder dives to stop it. 20 needed in 24 balls.
  • 15.5
    Shardul Thakur to Glenn Phillips, Full and outside off, pushed to covers.