RR beat CSK by 5 wickets
Man of the Match - Ravichandran Ashwin
20.0/20 Ovrs
19.4/20 Ovrs
Indian Premier League, 2022 |Match 68 |5/20/2022
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai
  • Right then, that is all we have from this game. The first qualifier is set as Gujarat will take on Rajasthan and with Lucknow also qualified, that leaves one spot open in the playoffs. Bangalore currently hold that spot but on Saturday, the 21st of May, Delhi will take on Mumbai at the Wankhede Stadium and that match could prove to be very crucial as a win for Delhi will see them topple Bangalore and qualify for the playoffs. That match starts at 7.30 pm IST (2 pm GMT) but our build-up will begin much sooner. Do join us for all the action. Take care and goodbye!
  • Ravichandran Ashwin (1/28 & 40* off 23 balls) is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH! Ashwin says that it feels like a million dollars and it is a big night for them to get the job done and get two bites at the cherry. Mentions that prior to the season starting, there was clear communication on what areas he needed to improve upon and management told him that they might use him in the Powerplay with the ball and might even ask him to bat at number 3, which he was ready for. Adds that he knows what his role is with the ball and he tends to force the batters to take risks against him. Mentions that he knows the ebbs and flows of the game and generally he isn't a power-hitter but the management has given him the freedom to express himself. Says that it feels great to qualify for the playoffs and it is a testament to the management as well and wherever he goes, he tries to take the franchise to the knockout games.
  • Sanju Samson, the captain of Rajasthan says that it feels very good the way they have played throughout the season and almost everyone has stepped up. Tells that Moeen Ali is a quality batter and it was a very good wicket but in the end, it was a great effort from the bowlers to pull things back. Tells that he wanted to bring Obed McCoy after the Powerplay to give him some break and tells that he used his change-ups quite well. Mentions that Chennai had quality bowlers in their team but Ashwin played a great knock and mentions that he worked hard in the nets ahead of the season and that has paid off and he has played a big role as an allrounder for them. Says that he is very happy for Ravichandran Ashwin.
  • The presentation ceremony...
  • Obed McCoy says that it was a better performance from him in the game and he had a lot more control. Tells that Malinga has worked with him in the nets and has told him to be consistent. Mentions that with the newer ball it was better for the batters and says that with the old ball it was important for him to bowl good lengths and bowl his variations. States that everyone is very happy with the performance and now it is time to take the momentum forward. Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony...
  • Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni says that they were playing a batter light and once they lost four wickets Moeen Ali had to change his game. Tells that if they would have gone hard at that time, they probably would have not gotten anything on the board. Says that they were 10-15 runs short but it is still important to start well. Says that the youngsters have learned a lot over this season and credits Mukesh Choudhary for the way he has developed from the start of the season till this last game and now it is important for them to build on this and not start all over again in the next season. Tells that their 'Malinga,' Matheesha Pathirana is very good and will play a big role in the coming season. Says that it is important that whenever one gets an opportunity it is important to grab the opportunity and learn from every game. Says that it is not a one-year tournament and the key is to keep growing and become a good Indian T20 League player for the next 10 years.
  • Let's head now for a few interviews....
  • Earlier in the game, Chennai opted to bat first and after losing Gaikwad early, Moeen Ali put on a show as he surpassed fifty in just 19 balls but then Conway got out and the tide just turned. Ravichandran Ashwin and co were able to just get in quiet overs and pick up wickets as well. Yuzvendra Chahal had another top outing and in the end, Chennai were scampering hard just to get to the 150-run mark. It was always going to prove to be a below-par score and even after giving it their all in the field, Chennai weren't able to trump Rajasthan who ended the game clinically and qualify in second place behind Gujarat. 
  • Chennai end a disappointing campaign with yet another loss but they gave a fight tonight. Having put on an under-par score, the bowling needed to fire but after an early wicket, Mukesh Choudhary and Simarjeet Singh both were hit for a few boundaries. Once Mitchell Santner got rid of Samson, the spinners put brakes on the scoring rate and both Moeen Ali and Prashant Solanki picked up wickets as well. Matheesha Pathirana was economical too but with just 6 to defend in the final over, it was a tough ask from the young pacer. It is the end of the road for Chennai but boy, they have found a few solid players for the future.
  • Rajasthan must have been really pleased at the halfway stage and would have believed that they could win this crucial game but once again Jos Buttler fell early. Then came a fiery counter-punch from Yashasvi Jaiswal that steadied the run chase. Sanju Samson got out after a slow start as well but Jaiswal made sure that the runs kept flowing. Just like Chennai's innings, the batters found it hard to find the fence in the middle overs but the move to send Ravichandran Ashwin ahead of Shimron Hetmyer proved to be the difference. The wickets kept on tumbling but Ashwin kept on finding the fence in the final few overs to take his side home.
  • Yet another cracker of a game in the Indian T20 League but it is Ravichandran Ashwin's brilliance that has taken Rajasthan to victory here. And with this victory, they have also snatched the all-important second spot off of Lucknow's hands. Rajasthan will now have two bites at making it through to the final just like Gujarat. It is also Rajasthan's first-ever top two finish since the title winning campaign in 2008.
  • 19.5
    Matheesha Pathirana to Riyan Parag, WIDE! Rajasthan seal this game and the number 2 position on the points table! Matheesha Pathirana goes for a wide yorker but the young man ends up bowling it bit too wide and on the wrong side of the tramline outside off. The umpire signals it wide and Rajasthan win by 5 wickets!
  • 19.4
    Matheesha Pathirana to Riyan Parag, Good delivery! A fullish delivery, close to off. Riyan Parag looks to heave it across the line but misses.
  • 19.3
    Matheesha Pathirana to Ravichandran Ashwin, A length delivery, around off. Ashwin looks to push it towards the off side. Mistimes it onto the turf and they take a single. Scores are level now! Ashwin is pumped up as he takes that single!
  • 19.2
    Matheesha Pathirana to Ravichandran Ashwin, FOUR! Ohh...Ashwin, you beauty! It is yorker, around off. Ashwin makes room and slices it toward deep backward point fence for a boundary. Just 2 needed now!
  • 19.1
    Matheesha Pathirana to Riyan Parag, An appeal for the LBW but Chennai do not take a review! A low full toss around leg. Parag looks to flick it but misses. The ball hits his pads and goes towards the off side. There is an appeal but it is going down leg.
  • END OF OVER 19 | 12 Runs & 0 Wkt | RR 144/5
  • Matheesha Pathirana (3-0-22-0) to bowl the final over. Can he defend 6 runs?
  • 18.6
    Mukesh Choudhary to Riyan Parag, Single to end the over and 7 needed now from the last over! A shorter-length delivery, around off. Parag mistimes his pull towards the right of the bowler. Mukesh Choudhary moves to his right to stop it but only half-stops it and a single is taken towards the mid on region.
  • 18.5
    Mukesh Choudhary to Ravichandran Ashwin, A very full delivery, outside off. Ashwin slices it to third man for a single.
  • 18.4
    Mukesh Choudhary to Ravichandran Ashwin, A fullish delivery, around off. Ashwin creams it through the extra-cover region and comes back for the second run.
  • 18.3
    Mukesh Choudhary to Ravichandran Ashwin, SIX! Ashwin with a killer blow! Mukesh Choudhary lands it in the slot on middle from 'round the wicket. Ashwin goes deep in his crease and launches it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. 11 needed now from 9 balls!
  • 18.2
    Mukesh Choudhary to Riyan Parag, In the air but safe! Length ball, around the top of off. Riyan Parag goes for the big hit but gets a top edge that goes high and over the vacant point region. Single taken.
  • 18.1
    Mukesh Choudhary to Ravichandran Ashwin, A length ball, on off. Ashwin hits it left of mid off and takes a single.
  • END OF OVER 18 | 13 Runs & 0 Wkt | RR 132/5