SA 232/2 in 38.5 Overs

SA beat SL by 8 wickets
Man of the Match - Faf du Plessis
231/10 (47.0/50 ov)
232/2 (38.5/50 ov)
  • There goes the first ODI to the Proteas. In spite of the 2-0 sweep in the Tests, only a diehard Sri Lankan fan would have predicted a different result. The next stop is Centurion, where the game will be played under lights. Can the Lankans find some spark and try and exploit the inexperienced middle order? Or will the home side repeat its performance? Join us on Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 1 pm local (1100 GMT) for all the action from the second ODI. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious South African skipper, Faf du Plessis, is AWARDED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. Says that the Proteas played really well and the toss was very important. Stresses that it is very difficult to gauge the Wanderers wicket and is particularly satisfied with the way they played the spinners. On the bowling, Faf says that if the seamers strike early, it becomes easier for Imran Tahir to run through the middle order which is exactly what transpired today. Is happy with the fact that the batsmen finished off the chase comfortably. Stresses further on Tahir that he loves bowling to new batsmen as they struggle to pick him. On de Kock, Faf says that it is great for South Africa that he is playing well because if he scores at the rate at which he normally scores, he puts the opposition under pressure.
  • Sri Lankan skipper, Lasith Malinga, says that the Lankans lost a couple of wickets at a crucial time in the middle overs, which became difficult to handle as the pitch was slow. Admits that the team needs to adjust to the conditions as soon as possible. On the batsmen not getting the starts, Malinga says that an analysis needs to be made on who is the set batsman and adds that he needs to finish the game. On the improvement for the second match, Lasith says that roles need to be defined and batsmen need to finish off innings.
  • Earlier in the day, Faf du Plessis elected to bowl on what looked like a slower wicket, expected to quicken up as the game progresses. That is exactly what transpired. Sri Lanka huffed and puffed to 231, thanks to two decent stands worth 170 in total, but nothing from the rest. Lungi Ngidi rocked them at the top while Imran Tahir took care of the middle overs. The visitors were looking good at 195/4 but then lost their way totally. In the afternoon, the pitch seemed to ease out for batting and the home side had it easy. Please stay tuned for the presentation...
  • Nothing much to write about the Lankan bowling. Vishwa Fernando struck in his very first over, dismissing Hendricks and at that point of time, it seemed that Sri Lanka would fight. But some poor bowling and very poor fielding let the team down badly. They struggled to put any sort of pressure on the Proteas and succumbed easily.
  • May be, things could have been different had du Plessis' catch been taken on 32 by Lakshan Sandakan. But barring that moment, the Proteas were always in control. Faf started the counter-attack, with de Kock slowly following up and then overtaking his skipper. The wicket-keeper batsman was unlucky to miss out on his ton but Faf ensured that he got to his milestone. Rassie van der Dussen then got some decent batting practice in the middle.
  • Comfortable win for the Saffas. The only point in time when they did look in trouble was when Reeza Hendricks was dismissed early. But the 136-run stand between de Kock and du Plessis paved the way for the win.
  • 38.5
    L Sandakan to du Plessis, That ends the game! Tossed up on middle, du Plessis flicks it towards mid-wicket for a run. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 8 WICKETS AND LEAD THE SERIES 1-0.
  • 38.4
    L Sandakan to van der Dussen, Full on middle, van der Dussen drives it through mid on for a run.
  • 38.3
    L Sandakan to van der Dussen, Short on off, van der Dussen cuts it towards point. The batsmen get two runs.
  • 38.2
    L Sandakan to van der Dussen, Full on off, van der Dussen drives it to mid off.
  • 38.1
    L Sandakan to van der Dussen, APPEAL FOR LBW! NOT OUT! Floated on off, van der Dussen looks to defend but misses it and gets hit on the pads. It was a quicker delivery from Sandakan. A muted appeal from the bowler but the umpire shakes his head.
  • END OF OVER: 38 | 11 Runs 0 Wkt | SA: 228/2
  • 37.6
    V Fernando to du Plessis, FOUR! Good prediction by the commentator. He said Fernando will bowl full and he bowls full. Full on middle and leg, du Plessis hits it over mid on for a boundary. 11 runs from the over.
  • 37.5
    V Fernando to du Plessis, FOUR! Powerful shot from the skipper. Short of a length delivery, du Plessis pulls it over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 37.4
    V Fernando to du Plessis, Full on middle, du Plessis comes to the pitch of the ball and flicks it through mid-wicket. The batsmen pick up a couple.
  • 37.3
    V Fernando to du Plessis, On off, the skipper plays it to point.
  • 37.2
    V Fernando to van der Dussen, Length delivery on off, van der Dussen plays it towards point for a single.
  • 37.1
    V Fernando to van der Dussen, Good length delivery outside off, van der Dussen looks to cut but misses it.
  • END OF OVER: 37 | 2 Runs 0 Wkt | SA: 217/2
  • 36.6
    L Sandakan to du Plessis, Tossed up on off, Faf looks to cut but gets a bottom edge towards point. The hosts need just 15 runs to win this match.
  • 36.5
    L Sandakan to du Plessis, Full on middle, the skipper drives it towards mid on where the fielder does well to stop it.
  • 36.4
    L Sandakan to du Plessis, Tossed up on off, du Plessis defends it off the back foot.
  • 36.3
    L Sandakan to van der Dussen, Full on off, van der Dussen drives it towards mid off for a run.
  • 36.2
    L Sandakan to du Plessis, Floated on middle, du Plessis flicks it towards the leg side for a run.