SL beat AUS by 26 runs (D/L method)
Man of the Match - Chamika Karunaratne
47.4/47.4 Ovrs
37.1/43 Ovrs
Australia in Sri Lanka, 5 ODI Series, 2022 |2nd ODI |6/16/2022
Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy
  • Right then! From Pallekele we move to Colombo with 1-1 on the board. The 3rd ODI is on the 19th of June and will start at 2.30 pm IST (9 am GMT). But as you know, you can join us early for the build up. Till then, goodbye and cheers!
  • Dasun Shanaka, the skipper of Sri Lanka says the Aussies bowled really well and he feels they were a few runs short but he believed his bowlers will defend the target. Tells that he knew the pitch but they didn't take the right options with the bat and hopefully improve in the next game. On Chamika Karunaratne, he says he is a born warrior and he delivers evertime. On Dunith Wellalage, he had a lot of trust and was ready to take the risk. Applauds the crowd in the end for supporting them.
  • Aaron Finch, the skipper of Australia says they were poor in the field, the outfield was quite bumpy and but they were disappointing as they should've attacked the ball more. The batter got the starts but failed to carry on and they lost the momentum. On the toss, he says they want to chase in these type of conditions and improve further. Tells that the injuries are not ideal but they have a good squad. Ends by thanking the crowd for supporting.
  • Chamika Karunaratne, MAN OF THE MATCH, says he was waiting for this moment. He believes in himself and he gave his all today. Adds that everything is planned, he thinks out of the box and he loves to challenge the batsmen and take the risk. On his celebration, he came back after two and a half years and thanks the universe for giving the energy.
  • Earlier in the day, after electing to bowl, courtesy Cummins and the rest, Australia had Sri Lanka reeling at 220 for 9 in the 48th over before rain played its part. There was a big delay and eventually Australia needed 216 in 43 overs. Despite most of their batters getting off to starts, they failed to get to the target as it was the Lankan bowlers who held their nerve and came out on top. 
  • Australia will be very disappointed with this loss! They were on top for most of the game. The problem was, none of their batters went onto score big. All of their batters got off to starts but none made it into something significant! In the end, it was a panic situation. The shots from a few can really be questioned but have to say the Aussies just succumbed under pressure and gave it away. 
  • The hosts did not have a lot to defend and they needed to bowl at their best and they did so! They did concede runs initially but as the game went on, the runs also dried up and they also managed to take wickets at regular intervals. All of the bowlers bowled well at sometime in the game. Maheesh Theekshana and Jeffrey Vandersay did not get wickets but the former was a tad unlucky and the latter was economical. The others though, especially the two pacers were absolutely brilliant. They got the big wickets and have to say, it is their spell which won their side the game. A word of praise for both Dunith Wellalage and Dhananjaya de Silva too who were absolutely magical with the ball. They not only applied the breaks but got crucial wickets too. A really good effort from the Lankans in the field. 
  • WHAT A WIN! WHAT A BRILLIANT WIN THIS IS FOR LANKA! What a series this has been barring the first two T20Is. Another thriller of a game. In the end, it is Lanka who held their nerve and won it quite comfortably in the end. Credit to the way Dasun Shanaka captained. There were times, where we were sitting here and questioning the changes he is making, the field placement, the plans he wanted his bowlers to work with but all of that has come off really well and in the end, it is his side which has come out on top. 
  • 37.1
    Dushmantha Chameera to Matthew Kuhnemann, OUT! KNOCKED OVER! What a win for Sri Lanka! Pallekele goes bonkers as they celebrate the victory. Chameera serves a length ball, tailing on leg, with good pace. Matthew Kuhnemann steps forward to defend but the angle was going against him and the ball hits the stumps. Sri Lanka win by 26 runs.
  • END OF OVER 37 | 8 Runs & 2 Wkt | AUS 189/9
  • 36.6
    Chamika Karunaratne to Josh Hazlewood, A length ball, outside off. Josh Hazlewood looks to push it but misses.
  • 36.5
    Chamika Karunaratne to Josh Hazlewood, FOUR! That is very clever from Josh Hazlewood! A lovely upper cut! Shorter and around off, Josh Hazlewood guides it over the keeper and it goes down to the third man fence. 
  • 36.4
    Chamika Karunaratne to Josh Hazlewood, Short of a length and on off. Josh Hazlewood punches off the inner half of the bat and to point.
  • Josh Hazlewood is the last man in. 31 needed in 39 balls.
  • 36.3
    Chamika Karunaratne to Mitchell Swepson, OUT! TIMBER! Number 9 down! Sri Lanka can sniff victory now! Length and outside off, Mitchell Swepson goes after it away from the body, he gets an inside edge and it shatters into the stumps. 
  • 36.2
    Chamika Karunaratne to Mitchell Swepson, TWO MORE! Confusion but safe in the end! Shorter and on middle, this is worked through mid-wicket for a couple. 
  • 36.1
    Chamika Karunaratne to Matthew Kuhnemann, Another run! Fuller and outside off, this is driven through covers for one. 
  • 36.1
    Chamika Karunaratne to Matthew Kuhnemann, WIDE! Down the leg side, Matthew Kuhnemann looks to flick but misses. Wided. 
  • END OF OVER 36 | 4 Runs & 1 Wkt | AUS 181/8
  • 35.6
    Dushmantha Chameera to Pat Cummins, OUT! TAKEN! A really unnecessary shot from Pat Cummins but what about the catch there! Serves it short and on off. Cummins was looking in two minds, to evade or to pull, he goes with the latter but it goes off the top edge and to deep square leg where Dunith Wellalage runs forward, dives and plucks it in front of him. Exceptional catch from him and Australia are losing their way here. 
  • 35.5
    Dushmantha Chameera to Pat Cummins, On a length and around off. Cummins knocks it to covers. He will look to take a single now.
  • 35.4
    Dushmantha Chameera to Pat Cummins, Short one, outside off. Cummins sits under it. 
  • 35.3
    Dushmantha Chameera to Pat Cummins, FOUR! Releases a bit of pressure building! On a length and around off. Cummins lifts it past mid on and it races away to the long on fence.
  • 35.2
    Dushmantha Chameera to Pat Cummins, On a length and outside off. Cummins swings and misses.