BAN beat WI by 4 wickets
Man of the Match - Taijul Islam
48.4/50 Ovrs
48.3/50 Ovrs
Bangladesh in West Indies, 3 ODI Series, 2022 |3rd ODI |7/16/2022
Providence Stadium, Guyana
  • Right then! Tamim Iqbal collects the trophy and he joins his teammates for a photograph. All smiles in the Bangladesh camp! That's it from the coverage of this game and also this series. West Indies now will turn their heads to their series against the traveling Indian side. It will begin on 22nd July 2022 at 7.00 pm IST (1:30 pm GMT), while Bangladesh will travel to Zimbabwe for their next assignment which will begin on 30th July, 2022 at 3.30 pm IST (10.00 am GMT). You can also join us early for the build-ups. Until then take care and goodbye.
  • Tamim Iqbal the captain of Bangladesh is the Player of the Series! He says that they have always been a good side at home, but to get a series win away from home feels good. Adds that the conditons were not easy but they performed well. Mentions that they are missing out on some major players, but the other players really stepped up. Ends by praising Nurul Hasan and Nasum Ahmed for their performances throughout the series, and he is happy that Taijul Islam's stepped up when he was given the opportunity. 
  • Nicholas Pooran the skipper of West Indies says they spoke about taking the game deep which they did, he felt like today was his day to score but he fell short of a few runs and it was disappointing. Mentions that it was difficult to bat but he felt he had to just be there, he does not stress on batting too much, he is confident about his batting unit, but it has been frustrating for the batting unit, but they will learn from this and get better.
  • Taijul Islam is the Player of the Match! He says that he is very fortunate to get an opportunity, he has been working hard and he is really happy he grabbed his opportunity. Mentions that he had no additional pressure, he just stuck to his plans and bowled in the right areas.
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  • Earlier in the innings, Bangladesh bowlers justified their skipper's decision of bowling first by taking three early wickets. They executed their plans really well and kept things tight throughout. Taijul Islam ended with a five-wicket haul. Nicholas Pooran was the only batter who stood out for the hosts. During the chase, Bangladesh were put under pressure in patches but they managed to get over the line to end the series on a high.
  • The hosts put up a solid fight but it wasn't enough against this experienced lot of Bangladesh batters. They only were able to take a single wicket inside the first Powerplay. Although, it was Gudakesh Motie who impressed with his four-fer in an economical spell. He dominated the proceedings in the middle overs and kept his side in the hunt. In the slog overs, West Indies bowlers were unable to keep things tight and eventually failed to get over the line.
  • The visitors started cautiously with Tamim Iqbal dominating the opening play, although Najmul Hossain Shanto never looked settled and departed early on. The skipper continued the good work with Litton Das on the other end. The latter racked up his half-century as well to ease down some pressure off his team. Several batters contributed to the victory, it was Mahmudullah who played a vital knock to get his side closer to the victory line. In the end, Mehidy Hasan and Nurul Hasan applied the finishing touches with their unbeaten stand of 32 runs.
  • Bangladesh extends their winning streak against West Indies in ODIs to 11 wins on the trot. They have also completed a clean sweep over West Indies in this ODI series. West Indies were bowled out in every single match in this series and they would be very disappointed about the same.
  • 48.3
    Nicholas Pooran to Mehidy Hasan, Shorter ball, outside off. Mehidy Hasan stays in his crease and cuts it towards point for a single. Bangladesh win by 4 wickets!
  • 48.2
    Nicholas Pooran to Nurul Hasan, Loopy ball, very full, around off. Nurul Hasan drives it past the bowler, down to long off for a single. Scores are level! 
  • 48.1
    Nicholas Pooran to Mehidy Hasan, Tosses it up, full, around middle. Mehidy Hasan knocks it down to long on for a single. 2 required now!
  • END OF OVER 48 | 4 Runs & 0 Wkt | BAN 176/6
  • 47.6
    Romario Shepherd to Nurul Hasan, Fuller ball, outside off. Nurul Hasan drives and finds the fielder at mid off. Bangladesh need just 3 runs more!
  • 47.5
    Romario Shepherd to Nurul Hasan, Pitches it up, outside off. Nurul Hasan presses forward and taps it towards cover-point.
  • 47.4
    Romario Shepherd to Mehidy Hasan, Good-length delivery, outside the off pole. Mehidy Hasan drives it past backward point. Only a single. 
  • 47.3
    Romario Shepherd to Nurul Hasan, Angling in, on the pads, pitched up as well. Nurul Hasan flicks it towards square leg for a single. 
  • 47.2
    Romario Shepherd to Mehidy Hasan, Full in length, outside off. Mehidy Hasan drives wide of mid off for a quick single. 
  • 47.1
    Romario Shepherd to Mehidy Hasan, On a length, outside off. Mehidy Hasan stays in his crease and dabs it towards point.
  • 47.1
    Romario Shepherd to Mehidy Hasan, Wide! Down the leg side fuller ball. Mehidy Hasan misses his flick and a wide is called! 
  • END OF OVER 47 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | BAN 172/6
  • 46.6
    Nicholas Pooran to Mehidy Hasan, Tosses it up, a low full toss, around middle. Mehidy Hasan pushes it towards long on for a single. 
  • 46.5
    Nicholas Pooran to Nurul Hasan, Another shorter ball, outside off. Nurul Hasan knocks it off the back foot through cover for a single. 
  • 46.4
    Nicholas Pooran to Nurul Hasan, Back of a length, outside off. Nurul Hasan hangs back and pushes it towards cover for a brace. 
  • 46.3
    Nicholas Pooran to Nurul Hasan, Tosses this one up, full and outside off. Nurul Hasan drives and finds the fielder at cover.