WI beat ENG by 381 runs
Man of the Match - Jason Holder
& 415-6
The Wisden Trophy, 2019 |1st Test |1/23/2019
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
  • You know the revival of Test cricket is on the brink when the no.8 Test side beats the no.3 side in the world. Windies are most definitely on the up, and despite this loss, we all know England is a team that doesn't stay down for too long. The second Test in Antigua couldn't come sooner. The action begins at 1000 local (1400 GMT). You don't want to miss it, that's for sure. See you then, folks!
  • Man of the Match and Windies captain, Jason Holder, says it's been a good match for him personally. States that the series against Bangladesh was a tough one but he and the team have put in a lot of hard work for the past couple of months which is showing now. Is really pleased with how his team performed as a whole and credits his players for standing up and being counted. Wants to thank his parents for being his biggest supporters and also his two brothers for having his back throughout. Remains humble and says there's plenty of hard work left to be done and the key is consistency.
  • England captain, Joe Root, says he is bitterly disappointed with the result. Adds that there are two important games left in the series and it's imperative that they show character and fight back. Mentions that it's easy in hindsight to say what the team selection should have been, but they have to take responsibility and do better in the next Test. Stresses that they will be ready for the challenge coming ahead but takes a moment to credit the Windies team for playing exceptional cricket in all the four days.
  • It was always going to be a stretch for the Englishmen. Gunning down 628 was a long shot to begin with, so their best shot was to see out a draw. But two full days to bat through are more than enough to do you in, even on good batting conditions. That Windies batting performance was followed up by a clinical and disciplined bowling display. Chase was the star of the show as he picked up career-best figures of 8/60. The start was good for the visitors, but post that, it all went downhill. This is a performance to remember for a long time.
  • Having a lead of 212, the hosts piled the pressure on, with the skipper Jason Holder leading the charge. He had a valiant deputy in Dowrich and the duo went on to add a massive 295 runs between them. The captain scored his maiden double ton in the process while Dowrich crafted a century of his own. It doesn't need to be mentioned that the English bowlers were made to toil hard in that period. It came to the point where the home side had to declare for the innings to end and it set a target of 628 in front of the Three Lions.
  • A fine, fine effort from this resilient Windies side. An emphatic victory in every sense of the word. This might be their best performance in a Test match in recent times. They were right on top from the very beginning. Posted 289 on the board after winning the toss courtesy a collective batting effort, wherein all chipped in with useful knocks and then, much to everyone's surprise, blew a quality side away for just 77 runs with Roach leading the charge with his 5-wicket haul.
  • 80.4
    R Chase to Curran, OUT! There it is! WINDIES WIN BY 381 RUNS AND LEAD THE SERIES 1-0! What a win, what a performance! They will be celebrating tonight. Spectacular effort from Jason Holder and his men. Seeing Curran come down the track, Chase bowls it flat and down the leg side, the batsman misses and Hope behind the stumps finishes the formalities.
  • 80.3
    R Chase to Curran, FOUR! Too much width on offer outside off, Curran slaps the drives through the covers by reaching out to it and sends it across the boundary line.
  • 80.2
    R Chase to Curran, Comes out of his crease to get close to the pitch and pushes it away.
  • 80.1
    R Chase to Curran, Tossed up delivery on middle and off, Curran prods forward in defense.
  • END OF OVER 80 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 242/9
  • 79.6
    J Campbell to Anderson, The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery
  • 79.5
    J Campbell to Anderson, Full on off, blocked away by Anderson.
  • 79.4
    J Campbell to Anderson, NOT OUT! Good review. Tossed up outside off, Anderson brings out the reverse sweep. The ball goes top Holder at second slip. He grabs it and appeals. The Windies player appeal but the umpire turns it down. The go upstairs for the review. To the naked eye it looked like it hit his bat and bumped before going to Holder at second slip. Replays show there was no bat or glove involved. It hit Anderson on the boot. Hawk Eye shows that he survives because the impact was outside by just a feather. Winides retain their review.
  • Review! The Windies have taken a review for caught behind. Is it a bump ball?
  • 79.3
    J Campbell to Anderson, The batsman defends it from within the crease.
  • 79.2
    J Campbell to Anderson, FOUR! Tossed up on middle, Anderson gets on one knee and sweeps it over mid-wicket. The ball takes a bounce and the ball goes to the fence after a bounce for a boundary. Promotion to Anderson in the next game?
  • 79.1
    J Campbell to Curran, Flicked away towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • END OF OVER 79 | 1 Runs & 0 Wkt | ENG 237/9
  • 78.6
    R Chase to Anderson, Back of a length, blocked away by Anderson.
  • 78.5
    R Chase to Anderson, Outside off, Anderson tries to defend but it misses the bat.
  • 78.4
    R Chase to Anderson, Loopy delivery on middle, kept out by James.
  • 78.3
    R Chase to Anderson, Outside off and straight, Anderson goes for the sweep but misses.
  • 78.2
    R Chase to Anderson, Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the ba
  • 78.1
    R Chase to Curran, Tossed up around off, Curran flicks it away to the on side for a single.