ZIM beat BAN by 5 wickets
Man of the Match - Sikandar Raza
50.0/50 Ovrs
48.2/50 Ovrs
Bangladesh in Zimbabwe, 3 ODI series, 2022 |1st ODI |8/5/2022
Harare Sports Club, Harare
  • That is all from this match. A thriller to start the series. Zimbabwe go 1-0 up. Bangladesh will hope to level the series in the second ODI as they will meet on 7th August at 12.45 pm IST (7.15 am GMT). Do join us early for the build up. Till then, goodbye and cheers!
  • Regis Chakabva, the skipper of Zimbabwe says it's good to get the win but credit to Sikandar Raza and Innocent Kaia for the big prtnership. Adds that they did well with the ball in the first half but they let it go a little bit in the middle phase but came back strong in the final phase. Shares that they could not have asked for a better partnership. Mentions that they would hope for a better start with a bat but all in all it was a good game. 
  • Sikandar Raza is the Player of the Match for his match-winning knock. He says it was a brilliant partnership with Innocent Kaia and a much needed one to chase this huge score. Adds that the senior players are stepping up and are helping the young players to flourish. Says that he and Kaia talked in between to stay till the end and that could give them a chance to win.
  • Tamim Iqbal, the skipper of Bangladesh says that he felt they were 15-20 runs short and didn't think it was enough. Adds that they had to bat the first 10 overs like a Test match and after that, the pitch got better to bat. Shares that they have been dropping catches for a while and someday it was going to cost. It happened today. Informs that Litton Das is out of the series due to injury and he will check on others later.
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  • Earlier in the day, after being inserted to bat first, a combined batting performance saw Bangladesh get over the 300-run mark. It seemed like they would score above the 320-run mark but Zimbabwe pulled things back well in the end. In reply, the start was horrendous for the hosts but tons from Kaia and Raza saw them over the line.
  • Bangladesh began brilliantly with the ball but that is about it. It all went downward for them after that. They bowled poorly and the fielding was even worse. The dropped catches have cost them big time and that is the reason why they lost. They’ll be very disappointed with how things went about in the second innings.
  • Then came the game winning partnership, the record breaking stand between Innocent Kaia and Sikandar Raza. Both began slowly but accelerated when needed. They added close to 200 with both scoring tons and that completely turned the tide in favor of the hosts. Kaia did fall but Raza continued and he along with Luke Jongwe took their side to the brink of victory. Raza stayed there till the end and took his side over the line.
  • What a win that is for Zimbabwe! Surely one of their most memorable chases and we are pretty sure the crowd enjoyed every moment of it. They were down and out, to begin with, they lost two in no time. Innocent Kaia and Wesley Madhevere then steadied the ship with a very good partnership. That though was broken just as the two started to flourish.
  • 48.2
    Mosaddek Hossain to Sikandar Raza, SIX! A huge roar from Sikandar Raza as he hits the winning runs! What a knock from Raza! Exceptional! This is short and on middle. Raza pulls it all the way over mid-wicket for a biggie. The Bangladeshi players walk to Raza to congratulate him. What a chase this is from Zimbabwe as they win by 5 wickets.
  • 48.1
    Mosaddek Hossain to Sikandar Raza, Tossed up on middle. Raza pushes it back to the bowler.
  • END OF OVER 48 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | ZIM 301/5
  • 47.6
    Mehidy Hasan to Milton Shumba, Around off. Shumba drops it to covers.
  • 47.5
    Mehidy Hasan to Sikandar Raza, On middle, Raza punches it to long on for a single.
  • 47.4
    Mehidy Hasan to Sikandar Raza, Shorter and outside off. Raza carves it through point for a couple of runs.
  • 47.3
    Mehidy Hasan to Milton Shumba, On the pads. Shumba bunts it to mid-wicket for one more.
  • 47.2
    Mehidy Hasan to Sikandar Raza, Fuller and on middle, played to long on for a single.
  • 47.1
    Mehidy Hasan to Luke Jongwe, OUT! TAKEN! Luke Jongwe goes after playing a quick cameo! A low full toss around off. Luke Jongwe gets on one knee and slogs it towards deep mid-wicket. Afif Hossain there takes a sharp catch. 
  • END OF OVER 47 | 13 Runs & 1 Wkt | ZIM 296/4
  • 46.6
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, Fuller and on middle. Jongwe guides it to backward point for a single.
  • 46.5
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, On a length and on middle. Played to covers.
  • 46.4
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, Short one again on middle. Jongwe looks to pull but misses.
  • 46.3
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, FOUR! Overpitched and outside off. Jongwe drives it through covers for four more
  • 46.2
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, DROPPED! Taskin Ahmed joins the culprit party! Short of a length and on middle. Jongwe looks to pull but gets a top edge and to deep backward square leg. Taskin Ahmed gets forward and spills it down. Two.
  • 46.1
    Mustafizur Rahman to Luke Jongwe, SIX! Jongwe is in hurry to finish! On a length and on off. Jongwe shows his power as he pulls it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.