ZIM beat BAN by 10 runs
Man of the Match - Ryan Burl
20.0/20 Ovrs
20.0/20 Ovrs
Bangladesh in Zimbabwe, 3 T20I series, 2022 |3rd T20I |8/2/2022
Harare Sports Club, Harare
  • Right then, that is all we have from this series. It has been a historic victory for Zimbabwe! They would like to continue this momentum into the ODI series now. The first ODI starts at 12.45 pm IST (7.15 am GMT) on Friday, 5th of August. However, there is lot of cricketing action around the world before that series gets underway. So, do tune into our coverage for that. Till then, it's goodbye and cheers!
  • Craig Ervine, the skipper of Zimbabwe says that they struggled a bit at the start of the innings and Ryan Burl and Luke Jongwe brought the momentum back in their favor. Says they came up with a plan and they knew that their reserves are as good as the first team players. Mentions that it was a good opportunity to rest some players and the players that came in their place performed well. Says that they look forward to ODI’s and know how tough it has been for them. He is happy with the side for showing fight instead of just falling over.
  • Sikandar Raza is the PLAYER OF THE SERIES ! He says that he hopes that there are better things to come in future for him. He says he is enjoying winning matches and praises Jongwe and Burl for the way they played. He ends by saying that for them one of the senior takes the responsibility but it was nice to see two youngsters changing the game for them.
  • Mosaddek Hossain, the skipper of Bangladesh says first 14 overs they we were on top and the 15th over changed the game. Admits that in T20 cricket it is always difficult to chase when you lose wickets. Says they know how good they are in ODI’s and are looking to come back stronger in the next game.
  • Ryan Burl is the PLAYER OF THE MATCH for his brilliant knock under pressure. He says that losing a few wickets early was not ideal but he had the faith in their batting line up. He ends by saying it was all about trusting the process and playing with a positive intent.
  • Presentation time.
  • Earlier, in the game, Zimbabwe managed to put a fighting total on the board courtesy of spectacular fifty by Ryan Burl and a handy cameo by Luke Jongwe. The Bangladeshi spinners did bowl well and it was upto their batters to chase a modest total. However, they faltered against some disciplined Zimbabwe bowling and it is the home side who lift the trophy in front of a big home crowd. 
  • Bangladesh would be disappointed with their effort in this game. They first let Zimbabwe get back into this game with the bat after putting them under pressure early on with the ball. Then, while chasing the modest total, they could not get the momentum in their chase for the most part of it as they lost early wickets and kept losing wickets in the end too when they tried to up the ante. Most of the middle-order batters got the start but could not convert it into anything substantial. The partnership between Afif Hossain and Mahedi Hasan did bring them close but it was not enough to take them over the line.
  • The pendulum swung from one team to another throughout this chase. Zimbabwe bowlers started on a bright note getting three wickets in the Powerplay and they were right on the top when Najmul Hossain Shanto departed in the 10th over with only 60 on the board. However, they were denied a wicket for the next few overs as the partnership between Mahmudullah and Afif Hossain steadied the ship for Bangladesh. However, Brad Evans brought Zimbabwe right on the top when he got two wickets in consecutive deliveries in the 15th over and after that Victor Nyauchi and Luke Jongwe bowled well in the death to take Zimbabwe to a famous victory.
  • Zimbabwe win their first-ever T20I series against Bangladesh! What a performance this has been from the home side as they looked down and out after the end of 10 overs in the first innings. However, they kept the belief and not only got to a competitive total but also managed to defend it successfully. The crowd is happy and so are the Zimbabwe players who truly deserve this win!
  • 19.6
    Luke Jongwe to Nasum Ahmed, DROPPED! However, it does not matter! Zimbabwe have sealed a sensational series win! Luke Jongwe serves this full outside off, Afif Hossain looks to heave this towards the offside but only manages to slice this high towards point. The fielder settles under this one but the ball goes through his hands. The batters take two runs but Zimbabwe win by 10 runs!
  • 19.5
    Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, A yorker and around off, Afif Hossain digs it towards long off for a run.
  • 19.4
    Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, Another two. This is a low full toss and on middle, Afif Hossain whips it towards deep mid-wicket and comes back for the second. This is Zimbabwe's game now if they do not give away any extras.
  • 19.3
    Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, A length delivery and on middle, Afif Hossain drills it down the ground wide of long on for a brace.
  • Nasum Ahmed is the next batter in.
  • 19.2
    Luke Jongwe to Hasan Mahmud, OUT! TAKEN! Luke Jongwe gets the wicket and more importantly, it is a dot ball. This is short and on middle and leg, Hasan Mahmud makes room to heave it over long off but mistimes it and hits it high in the air. Sikandar Raza there settles under it and completes the catch. He is delighted and there are celebratory scenes all around the ground.
  • 19.1
    Luke Jongwe to Afif Hossain, Only a single to start the over. It is getting tight for Bangladesh. This is full and onto the pads, Afif Hossain flicks it to short fine leg for a single. He will not be happy with himself as it was a freebie.
  • END OF OVER 19 | 7 Runs & 1 Wkt | BAN 138/7
  • Who will bowl the last over? Luke Jongwe it is!
  • 18.6
    Victor Nyauchi to Afif Hossain, Victor Nyauchi continues bowling full and outside off, Afif Hossain lifts this once again towards long on for one more run! What a over this has been under pressure from Victor Nyauchi! He concedes just seven in the penultimate over and gets a wicket!
  • 18.5
    Victor Nyauchi to Hasan Mahmud, Bowls this on a length and outside off, Hasan Mahmud slashes at this and gets it towards point. The fielder lets this through his hand and they get three runs as the deep cover fielder comes across to cut this off.
  • 18.4
    Victor Nyauchi to Afif Hossain, Victor Nyauchi serves this full outside off, Afif Hossain lifts this towards long on for just a single.
  • Hasan Mahmud walks out to the middle.
  • 18.3
    Victor Nyauchi to Mahedi Hasan, OUT! CAUGHT! Victor Nyauchi strikes and what a massive wicket this is in the context of the game! Victor Nyauchi goes for the slower delivery which comes down as a full toss outside off, Mahedi Hasan goes for the slog hit once again over deep mid-wicket. Does not connect well and holes out to Sikandar Raza who takes a good catch running to his right. This wicket should get Zimbabwe closer to this historic series win!
  • 18.2
    Victor Nyauchi to Afif Hossain, This is a low full toss outside off, Afif Hossain looks to slog but only manages to mistime the ball towards long off and some good fielding restricts them to a single.