Match Abandoned
ZIM won the toss and elected to bat
13.0/50 Ovrs
Ireland in Zimbabwe, 3 ODI Series, 2023 |3rd ODI |1/23/2023
Harare Sports Club, Harare
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CRR: 4.2 | L'Wkt: Chamu Chibhabha 16 (28)
  • Right then, that is all we have from this ODI series. The series has ended with a scoreline of 1-1 courtesy of rain playing spoilsport here in Harare Sports Club. However, the cricketing action continues around the world with plenty of T20 leagues and international cricket going on. Do tune in for that. Till then, it’s goodbye and cheers!
  • Harry Tector is the PLAYER OF THE SERIES for amassing 176 runs from his two innings and important contributions with the ball. He says that he is thankful to put in match-winning contributions. Adds that they were pretty confident about their chances in the ODI series with Stirling, Tucker and Josh Little coming back into the side. Feels that they have played good ODI cricket over the past 12-18 months. Shares that he enjoys playing in different situations in the middle order. Ends by saying that he was lucky to have gotten a chance to bowl in the T20I series and feels that there is a lot of work to be done in that department.
  • Craig Ervine, the skipper of Zimbabwe says that they got Sean Williams and Chatara injured and they probably have two weeks or so before the Test match against West Indies and they are looking forward to getting guys ready for that Test match. Tells that they looked at the wicket and they felt that it was bit drier and that is why they batted first. Mentions that it is an important transition to mix young guys with the older guys and it is important for them and they need to maintain a fine balance. Tells that they will have warm-up game before the Test series against the Windies and they will get good practice there. Says that the contest with Ireland is always very close and it has been a hard-fought series.
  • Paul Stirling, the skipper of Ireland, says that it is a fair result but it is disappointing not to get out there due to rain. Feels that their team have a pretty good balance. Adds that the youngsters are hugely talented and there is an experience in the leadership group. Hopes that they can use this balance to their strength. Shares that they are excited about the series against Bangladesh and they will give their best effort there. Also says that the guys out due to injuries will most certainly be back for that series. Ends by saying that he always enjoys coming here to Zimbabwe and they have a close relationship with Zimbabwean players. 
  • Time for the Presentation...
  • The home side, Zimbabwe, on the other hand, won the T20I series and started the ODI series with a win too. The two all-rounders Raza and Burl scripted a tremendous fighback in the first ODI and it has been a good start to 2023 for Zimbabwe after a very successful 2022. However, they need to work on their top-order, as they tend to lose early wickets quite often and that is what they need to get better at. Gary Ballance though would add more experience and quality in their squad and he along with Craig Ervine and Sean Williams who would be hoping to join the team soon will be crucial for Zimbabwe in the Qualifiers of the World Cup 2023.
  • Overall, both teams will go back with some positives ahead of the ODI World Cup and Qualifier for the same which is to be played in Zimbabwe only. For Irish, Harry Tector has been a stand-out performer and the young man continues to grow from strength to strength. Along with his batting, his off-breaks have been a revelation and that makes this Irish side even stronger. Joshua Little too was brilliant with the ball, especially in the second game and young Stephen Doheny also showed his class in the second ODI after their skipper Andy Balbirnie scored a century in the first game which ended in a losing cause. Ireland would be hoping to carry the confidence of this series into the next one.
  • What a disappointing and pale end to what has been a riveting series. In fact, this whole Ireland tour of Zimbabwe has been spectacular with both teams giving their all and producing some thrillers on the way. The ODI series will end at 1-1 as only 78 balls were bowled in this final ODI after Zimbabwe elected to bat first and got off to a confident start in overcast conditions which eventually led to rain spoiling the party here at the Harare Sports Club. 
  • Update - 6.18 pm IST (12.48 pm GMT) - The inevitable has happened! THE MATCH HAS BEEN CALLED OFF! The rain gods have spoiled the series' decider. The forecast was always for rain but we hoped that it would stay away just as it did in the 2nd ODI. That was not to be and this game is forced to abandon after only 13 overs.
  • Update - 5.59 pm IST (12.29 pm GMT) - The rain seems to have eased and the ground staff are back doing their work with the Super Soppers. However, the covers are still on and the ground staff now have the arduous task of drying the outfield.
  • Update - 5.35 pm IST (12.05 pm GMT) - It is still raining and the chances of play resuming are getting lesser and lesser. There is no movement on the ground and if the situation does not improve drastically soon, we might see this game being called off. However, hope is the only thing that takes the world forward in a crisis situation and we can also hope that rain stops soon and we get some cricket in what was expected to be an entertaining decider!
  • Update - 5.11 pm IST (11.41 am GMT) - The rain continues to fall at the Harare Sports Club and with the amount of rain that has fallen till now, the ground staff are running out of time to get the ground ready for resumption. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Update - 4.37 pm IST (11.07 am GMT) - Live pictures from the ground show that there are puddles formed in the outfield and with the centre cover still on, things don't look that promising at the moment. As we are typing, the rain is back and so are the ground staff bringing more covers.
  • Update - 4.04 pm IST (10.34 am GMT) - The covers are finally coming off! The sun is out as well which is a good sign as the ground staff continue to do their work with the Super Soppers. Stay tuned as we should have some action soon...
  • Update - 3.40 pm IST (10.10 am GMT) - Good news! The rain has stopped and it is looking lot brighter as well. The groundsmen are in the middle and have started their work of drying the ground. However, the covers are still placed firmly and let's see how things unfold.
  • Update - 3.24 pm IST (9.54 am IST) - Sigh! Just when the ground staff were about to take the covers off, it started to spit again and the covers stayed on. As we are typing, it has started to drizzle properly and the ground staff have made their way back into the shed. This is frustrating for the ground staff, players and fans. The waiting game continues...
  • Update - 3.01 pm IST (9.31 am IST) - The rain has stopped folks! The groundsmen are on the ground and the process of drying the outfield has started.  However, the covers are still intact but if rain stays away, it will not take much time for groundsmen to get things ready for some cricket again.
  • Update - 2.50 pm IST (9.20 am GMT) - We are afraid to bring you this news, but the live pictures show that the covers are firmly in place. However, we still have time on our hands, but the rain needs to stop for the ground staff to get the field ready for play. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • Update - 2.30 pm IST (9 am GMT) - For all those who are waiting for some positive news, let me tell you, things look bleak at the moment. The covers are firmly on and there is no movement on the ground. If you can remember, we suggested our good friend, rain in the first ODI to go for a vacation in the Sahara desert as people there would enjoy its presence more. Rain did follow the advice that day and we witnessed a cracker of a game then and in the second ODI too there was no presence of rain. However, it seems to be back from the vacation now and it does not seem to understand that the cricket loving people here in Zimbabwe would not be too happy with its presence. Let's just hope it tries to move upwards in the African continent soon as people there really need it.
  • Update - 2.07 pm IST (8.37 am GMT) - The wait continues! The rain refuses to relent and adding to the misery, the radar isn't looking promising. We will keep you posted.
  • Update - 1.46 pm IST (8.16 am GMT) - Oh, it has started raining and players are going off the field! The groundsmen rush with covers to cover the pitch and adjoining area and let's just hope that it is not a long delay. It has got even heavier now and big covers are coming on as well. There is bit of wind too and let's just hope that it takes the rain away as soon as possible.
  • 13.1
    Curtis Campher to Innocent Kaia, WIDE! Shortrish and it is down the leg side. Kaia tries to pull it but misses.
  • END OF OVER 13 | 5 Runs & 0 Wkt | ZIM 54/1
  • 12.6
    Mark Adair to Craig Ervine, An appeal for LBW but this time it is clearly going down leg! This is full and angling into the pads from 'round the wicket. Ervine tries to flick it but misses to get hit on the pads. This is good little spell from Adair.
  • 12.5
    Mark Adair to Innocent Kaia, Angles a length delivery on middle again. kaia tucks it to leg side for a single.