PAK beat SA by 8 wickets
Man of the Match - Usman Khan
41.0/50 Ovrs
31.3/50 Ovrs
Pakistan in South Africa, 5 ODI Series, 2019 |4th ODI |1/27/2019
The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
  • After 4 games, it's all square. We head to Cape Town in the best possible scenario, if you're a neutral of course. This Pakistan side looked as clinical as it ever did under new stand-in leader Shoaib Malik, so they'll feel confident. South Africa have much to work on, if they are to stand a chance in the final game. It takes place on Wednesday, at 1300 local (1100 GMT). Join us for all the action. Cheers, people!
  • Pakistan skipper, Shoaib Malik, says he found today morning when he got to the ground that we was going to be captain. Is pleased that he could help his side with his leadership to get the victory. Adds that it's good to get over the line, and you need a little luck as well, but they are responsible professionals and the manner in which they got the win is what makes him most happy. On Shaheen Afridi, Malik mentions that the pacer is a great talent and it's their job to nurture that talent and ensure he fulfills his potential. Thanks the people who came out in numbers showing their support for the great cause and believes in helping out when you are able to afford it.
  • Man of the Match, Usman Khan, says he feels to get the award on this special day. Reckons that he made a few mistakes early on, but rectified that which helped him gain good rhythm. States that he felt good being on a hat-trick, which was his second time, but is a bit disappointed to miss out.
  • South Africa skipper, Faf du Plessis, says it's bound to happen to lose one in Pink eventually. Reckons that their loss is a mix of the conditions and Pakistan's good bowling. Adds that their performance is kind of alarming but feels that the slow, sticky conditions made it tougher to bat. Continues saying that despite the situation, they should have adapted to the conditions better. Mentions that Pakistan's white-ball team is one of the best, so they have to find a way to adjust better and put in a better fight. On the crowd, Faf says that they're fantastic and also feels privileged to do all they can to play a part for the cause (Cancer) and help in whatever way they can.
  • When to have 163 to defend, you need early wickets. But South Africa couldn't get any. Got one after Powerplay 1 but that was not enough. Pakistan played them smartly and got across the line with ease. Stay tuned for the presentation.
  • After restricting the hosts to a mere 164, Pakistan have batted like a plan. Showed full composure and didn't throw their wickets away at the start. They were shaky but held their nerves. Imam and Fakhar provided just the start the dressing room needed and took hold of things. Fakhar fell later on but his partner and Babar took them closer to victory. Imam couldn't see his side home as he went for the big shot towards the end but it took his outside edge and was caught, not before getting to his 5th ODI fifty.
  • As easy as it gets for Pakistan. Their first win in the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg and thoroughly deserved. They played well as a unit and it is all set up for a thrilling finale in Cape Town.
  • 31.3
    A Phehlukwayo to M Rizwan, FOUR! PAKISTAN WIN BY 8 WICKETS! Rizwan cuts this short delivery over point for a boundary to finish things off. The visitors complete a comfortable victory against the Proteas.
  • 31.2
    A Phehlukwayo to Imam, OUT! Unnecessary wicket thrown away by Pakistan as only one run was needed. Bowled wide outside off, Imam comes down the track and looks to go big but gets an outside edge towards de Kock. He takes a comfortable catch and celebrates. The hosts know this was a nothing wicket as it was gifted to them.
  • 31.1
    A Phehlukwayo to Imam, Imam flicks it to the leg side as it is on a length.
  • END OF OVER 31 | 3 Runs & 0 Wkt | PAK 164/1
  • 30.6
    B Hendricks to B Azam, Babar flicks it to square leg as it is again on a fuller length. Just one run needed for Pakistan to win.
  • 30.5
    B Hendricks to B Azam, Azam drives it straight back towards the bowler as it is on a fuller length.
  • 30.4
    B Hendricks to B Azam, Azam offers a forward defense on this one as it is on a good length.
  • 30.3
    B Hendricks to Imam, The left-hander guides it towards third man as it was bowled on a length. The batsmen take a single.
  • 30.3
    B Hendricks to Imam, WIDE! Imam looks to flick this delivery which is bowled down the leg side. He misses it eventually.
  • 30.2
    B Hendricks to Imam, Imam comes down the track to this good length delivery but gets beaten on this one.
  • 30.1
    B Hendricks to B Azam, Babar flicks it towards square leg as it is bowled on a length. The batsmen pick up a single.
  • END OF OVER 30 | 9 Runs & 0 Wkt | PAK 161/1
  • 29.6
    I Tahir to Imam, Uses his feet and blocks it out.
  • 29.5
    I Tahir to B Azam, Azam has driven it through mid on. One run added to the total.
  • 29.4
    I Tahir to Imam, Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. One run added to the total.
  • 29.3
    I Tahir to Imam, SIX! Just a matter of time now. Takes it on the full and lofts this over long off and into the stands. Maximum. Solid hit.
  • 29.2
    I Tahir to B Azam, Gives this air on middle, Babar charges down the track and flicks it away through square leg for one.
  • 29.1
    I Tahir to B Azam, Leg spinner on middle and leg. Babar turns his bat to the on side.